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Khabib will he be returning?

What on earth happened that night?

Khabib will he be returning to the UFC? Well after that performance we certainly hope so! Khabib has just annihilated Gaethje. I mean, wrecked him. Seriously if you haven’t seen it, poor Gaethje got put to bed, tucked him in tight, read him a bedtime story and turned off the light! It was interesting to see and hear all the hype for Justin weeks before the fight. Only for him to be put to sleep in the second round. I guess he couldn’t use his wrestling to scramble out of Khabibs killer ground game. 

It was interesting to see Gaethje in the first round come out holding himself like a wrestler. Front on, and protecting himself from Khabib shooting and taking him down. That, however, left him vulnerable to striking. Which Khabib used to his advantage. 

Gaethje couldn’t remain on his feet as much as he liked. He was taken down twice in the fight. First-time Khabib almost locked him out in an armbar. The second time was in round two. And there was no “almost” about Khabib this time, Khabib got him in a triangle choke and squeezed until “night night”

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So what now?

Khabib, will he be returning? Well, Khabib has announced he’s done. This is it, he doesn’t want to fight anymore without his father. I think most people can understand his decision. His father was his head coach and his mother practically begged him to stop. I guess it’s not the same anymore. So for the meantime, I guess we won’t be seeing Khabib fighting again in the UFC.

I do wonder however if a hefty $$$ might bring him out to fight someone….oh I dunno like McGregor?? Only time will tell! In the meantime, we’ll done Khabib! Enjoy your retirement, it’s well earnt! Question is, who should now be the UFC lightweight champion?

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