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Dak Prescott’s injury could be the reason he gets paid…

Dak Prescott’s injury was incredibly unfortunate, and even worse in terms of timing. But it might be the reason he gets his money.

We all saw the off season drama with the Cowboys, holding out in a pistols at dawn type scenario with their own quarterback. The quarterback, out of Mississippi State, was thrown into the mix for the Cowboys at the start of the 2016 season as a rookie after a set of rather unfortunate circumstances in Dallas.

He ended up being drafted by the Cowboys in the 4th round, after failed attempts to trade up for Paxton Lynch & Connor Cook. ‘Who?’ I hear you ask. Exactly. Regardless, Dak was selected, and would be handled as a long term investment, given time to develop.

Back up Kellen Moore then broke his right leg in the first week of training camp, which elevated Dak to the back up. And to top it off, Tony Romo got injured in the pre season, and before you know it the young rookies’ the starter.

Tagged in 2020

Fast forward four years, and Dak starts the 2020 season on the franchise tag, after he and the Cowboys couldn’t even land in the same ball park on a new deal. Many don’t understand the disrespect shown towards Dak Prescott, myself included.

The franchise tag season would have served as an all or nothing type scenario for Dak and the Cowboys, where they’d have a whole years worth of tape to go off of, giving them the ability to make their final decision on whether or not Dak is to be the guy. The future of the franchise. Which, in my humble opinion, is a decision that should have already been made.

Dak was rookie of the year in 2016, making the pro bowl. Not bad for a kid brought in to play third string until he was ready. In 2018 he made the pro bowl again. The Cowboys have made the playoffs twice during Dak’s tenure.

But it was running back Ezekiel Elliott who got paid an enormous salary, and Jaylon Smith, he got one too. Yet Dak they wouldn’t commit to, and to many on the outside, that makes very little sense. The stubbornness of Jerry Jones on this one gets to me.

So the injury

In week 5, a Dak scramble, resulting in him being tackled from behind against the Giants, caused the injury that ended his season. At the time, Dak led the league in passing yards. With the addition of Ceedee Lamb to the offence, which already included Zeke Elliott, Amari Cooper & Michael Gallup, he wasn’t short of weapons. He was set for a big year… but despite immense numbers, Dak and the Cowboys were 1-3.

Now, without him, things are looking a little bleak. Andy Dalton has struggled since jumping in to replace him, and Ben DiNucci, much like Dak Prescott, wouldn’t have anticipated he would be playing this early on.

He’s loved in Dallas, and he wants to be there. You could see the emotion pour out of him as he was carted off the field. You can’t help but think that the idea that he might never play again for the Dallas Cowboys was running through his mind. After all, he’ll no longer be contracted to do so, come the end of the season.

My point is, that the Cowboys will now have to make a decision without seeing Dak play another snap for the boys. What they’ll instead have to watch, is all of the weapons they’re paying on offence go to waste. Watching Andy Dalton take hold of that offence, might make them realise what they have in Dak Prescott.

And I’m going to make a bold statement and say that it might be at the cost of Zeke. Zeke really hasn’t lived up to the money this season so far, and has faced fumbling issues. Tony Pollard is a competent back, and I like his potential, so maybe the Cowboys dump the heavy contract spent on a running back, come to their senses and sign their franchise quarterback. Which will ironically be because he DIDN’T play.

The grass isn’t always greener Dallas.

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