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One win away from £1,100. And it’s not over yet… Kind of.

Here’s a story. Last nights Seahawks Cardinals game was realllll stressful for yours truly. And that’s because it was the final game in a 7 fold accumulator for £1,175 off of a £10 stake.

I really hadn’t put too much thought into it, just threw a bet on the later games after missing a couple of bets by an inch on the early ones. All of a sudden my bet started to flourish. Jarrett Stidham came in for the Patriots, I had the under, and all I needed was for nobody to score a touchdown. The Pats were taking time outs and all sorts looking for a garbage time score, and I was convinced they were going to ruin my day.

Alas, miraculously i suddenly found myself with 6 green ticks and one game to go. Sunday night football. Seahawks Cardinals. And I bet… the Seahawks.

Cash out before the game £428. Not bad for a £10 stake right, what would you do? Some say cash it, some say ride it. But the cash out is designed to entice you for a bargain? Right. I had 6 out of 7. They’re offering me about 33%. It wasn’t enough for me.

I decided to ride. Giddy up. I wanted a minimum of 700.

The Seahawks came out with the ball, flew down the field and scored a touchdown, and I felt pretty good at that point.

The cash out fluctuated between 5 and 600. It peaked at 625. It still didn’t feel like enough. The Seahawks looked good.

But the game became the most stressful NFL game i’ve ever seen. Some are calling it game of the season. It had everything right? Impressive touchdowns, picks, twists and turns. And then there’s me, hating every single minute of it.

Russ threw a horrible pick to Budda Baker, who looked like he was going to run it all the way back for a touchdown, until DK ‘not so human’ Metcalf caught up to him and ripped him down short of the goal line.

Blurry turn of events

The Seahawks got up to a 17 point lead at one point, I can’t remember when specifically, the whole games a blur. But even at a 17 point lead, my cash out was half of the total value of the bet. So I continued to ride the wave.

And in the fourth quarter, the option to cash out died. I never got another cash out value again once the fourth quarter began. More on that at the end… I was livid. Seattle went up 10 points in the fourth quarter, and I wanted to cash out. But the app didn’t give me a chance. So now I’m really in the thick of it, and just praying for a win. Could be a blessing in disguise? Rather than cashing out for a much smaller value.

I had Seattle at -3.5, and all looked good at this point. Up 10, they forced Arizona into a 4th down scenario needing two scores. Arizona elected to take a field goal, which they made, and two flags were thrown. Both on the defence, one of them resulting in an automatic first down for trying to jump over the line of scrimmage. Here’s my reaction to that decision…

This is the look of a stressed man, on the verge of winning over a thousand pounds, before a defensive lineman decided to jump over a man, in an attempt to block a field goal. Had the field goal stood, the Seahawks would have had a 7 point lead, and could have run as much of the remaining clock out as possible. The Cardinals, even if they got the ball back, would have had to put together a game saving drive, needing a touchdown. What instead happened, was the automatic first down gave the Cardinals 19 yards to go, and they scored a touchdown. Game over. The spread at 3.5, Seahawks now looking to burn clock and walk away with a win. No need for them to try and score.

So I got screwed. But as it turned out, the Cardinals got the ball back, and scored a field goal, leading to overtime. So all of a sudden the bets alive again. The rollercoaster of emotions continued…

Now the Seahawks had to win the toss, because remember a field goal doesn’t cut it. So winning the toss means they can win the game with a walk off touchdown. First drive was terrible. Russell got sacked, twice I believe, and they punted. But they did get the ball back a second time. Throwing a screen to DK Metcalf, who tiptoed up the sideline into the endzone… I WIN?!

Called back for holding. And at that point I gave up.

I lost the bet. Deflating yes, frustrating oh god yes. Stressful? You bet your fat ass. But…

The LAWD sent me an ANGEL

This morning I called Bet365. I told the lady the situation and that I wasn’t offered a single cash out in the fourth quarter, which seemed a little off. She spent 40 minutes on the phone, putting me on hold a few times to investigate. Originally she offered me my stake back as compensation, and I politely noted that this was kind, but alarmingly short of the potential return of a cash out. So she put me back on hold, did some digging, and she came back to me and offered me the value of the bet excluding the Seahawks game entirely. £464 as bet credit. Not cash.

To be honest, it’s a darn fortune more than I thought I was going to get. I was expecting like a £20 voucher or something. She was an angel. I thanked her legitimately before I put the phone down. I expected to call and get a tough shit, we don’t care kind of service. But i’m very impressed.

So the outcome, was £10, turned into £464 betting credit. And with that, i’ll be placing a £400 accumulator this weekend. Because now i’m betting the houses money, and i can’t withdraw bet credits, so need a little 2 or 3 fold, to turn it into cash. Stay tuned, it’s going to be interesting to say the least. I might even live stream myself during the games.

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