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Mitchell Trubisky. Out of Chicago?

It didn’t take long for Nick Foles to slide in and take over in Chicago. In fact, it was a lot quicker than we thought it would be, and to be fair to Mitchell Trubisky he hadn’t played that badly. The Bears were 2-0 at the time…

The Bears acted irrationally to get Mitchell Trubisky to Chicago. I will never forget it. And I’m sure the 49ers won’t either. Sitting pretty with the number three pick in the 2017 NFL draft, the Bears needed a quarterback. Everybody knew that was the plan. The two teams above them, the Browns and the 49ers, had other needs to fulfil.

So it seemed the Bears had the pick of the litter when it came to quarterbacks. But the Niners played them like a flute. I appreciate that there might have been a fear another team would jump into the two spot, and the Bears wanted to avoid that to get their guy, but still… The Bears gave up their number 3 first round pick, a third rounder, a fourth rounder, and a third round pick the year after. All to move up one spot… and select the wrong quarterback.

Scouting department fail.

Unfortunately for Mitchell Trubisky, a couple of names the Bears passed on to take him, have turned out rather well. Adding a little more pressure. Patrick Mahomes, selected number ten by the Chiefs, closely followed by Deshaun Watson, selected at number 12 by the Texans.

Giving up a tonne of picks to move up one spot is one thing, but then on top of that… to have selected, entirely the wrong guy, makes it a thousand times worse. A decision that you can never guarantee to be correct, of course, all you have is game tape and scouting, and we didn’t know Mahomes would become the player he is. The same with Deshaun, although his college football resume definitely exceeded that or Mitchell Trubisky.

Trubisky only started 13 college games at North Carolina. One season. His experience, and therefore tape to go by, was limited. That being said, the games that he did play were obviously impressive. He threw 30 touchdowns and only 6 picks, as the Tar Heels went 8-5.

All of a sudden, Trubisky finds himself being talked about as one of the best quarterback prospects, and decides to declare for the NFL draft, foregoing his senior season. With such limited tape to go by, and less experience than he might have wanted, it was definitely a gamble.

Although, it worked out well for him, considering he was the first quarterback off the board. So he got his money, the Niners got all the Bears draft picks, and the Bears got their ‘guy’.

Didn’t quite pan out…

Fast forward three years or so, and here we are. A young career in the NFL, throwing 54 touchdowns and 32 interceptions. A pro bowl in 2018 marked his best year in the league, with 24 touchdowns and 12 picks, but that’s about as good as it got.

And here we are. The Bears traded for Nick Foles, prizing him away from Jacksonville, and within three games, he was in. The Bears, 2-0 at this point, found themselves struggling to score points against the Falcons, and it was almost like the very first opportunity they got to drop Trubisky, they grabbed it with both hands.

Foles of course, came into the game and led an almighty comeback against a crumbling Falcons defence, and within 24 hours was named the full time starter of the Chicago Bears.

Foles takes over in Chicago…

Now I just cant see Trubisky getting the job back. Foles has the resume, the super bowl ring, and some sort of weird heroic composure to lead a comeback. The Bears can win with Foles, and seem to trust him.

So what does this mean for Mitchell? Well the Chicago Bears declined his fifth year option, and he’s out of contract at the end of the season.

What does this all add up to?

In my humble opinion, the Bears are done with him, and i wouldn’t be surprised to see him get traded before the deadline in a couple of weeks time on November the 3rd.

The Bears need to face the music, fully accept the trade, and draft selection alike, were horrible. Officially move on from Trubisky, and grab what they can for him before it gets even worse. If he’s not traded, or resigned, which doesn’t seem to be an option, then the Bears will have to let him walk for nothing.

Personally I can see him going to Jacksonville, and fighting it out with Gardner Minshew, which is a battle I feel like he could win. Trubisky needs a fresh start, with a rebuilding franchise, and no pressure to win immediately.

He’s a prime example of a player who succumbed to the hype and left school a little too early. An example of the opposite? Peyton Manning. Could have easily been a top selection as a junior, but stayed at Tennessee for one more year. Sometimes, the extra experience goes a long way.

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