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Tua to Start Over Fitz. Quick Mood Swing in Miami

News seemed to have leaked out of Miami before Brian Flores could get his team together, that Tua was to become the starter for the Miami Dolphins. The general mood of elation seems to have faded away, and things have gotten a little awkward, very quickly. Fitz has really taken it hard.

For starters, I’m thrilled that Tua is getting his shot. Testament to his work ethic, ability in training, and his comeback story is just beginning. As anyone knows that listens to my podcast or reads my posts, Tua is my guy. It seemed that Flores had done everything right, and the organisation had played the situation perfectly.

From the time of us tanking last year, everything has gone right for the Dolphins. It just all worked out perfectly. From Burrow playing incredibly well and jumping Tua in the draft stock, Tua’s injury and the concerns around it, COVID and the lack of opportunity to inspect players and bring them into the facilities. It all led to Tua landing in our laps at 5.

He came in for 4 snaps at the end of the Jets game, great to see him, great to see two completed passes. I’d gotten my little fix of Tua in a dolphins uniform.

What I didn’t expect to happen, was the announcement 48 hours later.

News broke from Adam Schefter that Tua had been announced as the starter. The problem, is that they beat Brian Flores to getting the news out.

Jerome Baker found out on instagram.

Coach Flo expressed his disappointment with the whole debacle:

So somebody within the organisation fed the information to somebody else, and it made its’ way to the mainstream media. Mistakes happen. Flores addressed it and said he’d apologise to the team. But somebody got forgotten, and this is where it gets sad.

Fitz has given the Dolphins everything. He’s been through some sh*t. His mother passed away shortly before the season, and he took some time off. But he came back and gave it all he had. He’s been the perfect mentor for a young quarterback. He’s shown patience, support, and when Tua got his moment on Sunday, nobody showed more support than Fitz.

Fitz just loves the game. That’s the obvious bit. He loves to play, seems to enjoy the contact and defensive players laying into him, and he’s just generally been great in Miami. His game can be up and down, but his mentality never waivers. Total professional.

Which is why todays presser is just so uncomfortable to watch. Brutal. Fitz just looked completely defeated. I didn’t expect him to express his feelings so openly. Usually you get a ‘pro’ response. But Fitz sat at the table and poured his heart out. Which has just put a little sour taste on the whole thing.

I’m sure, in a few days things will smooth out. But for the time being, it’s sad to watch. A flourishing relationship between the two quarterbacks seems a little tarnished, and I hope the grudge isn’t held against Tua. Of course, none of this, the decision, the change, is his fault, and we don’t want there to be any division before his first start.

In my opinion, it’s not anybodies fault. It’s just a real shame to see how it’s affected Fitz, and to see it so clearly.

I feel so bad for Fitz, I hope he is able to see the season through and stay with us. But, i wouldn’t be surprised if he requests to now move on. Fitz wants to play, he obviously felt he had more to give, and he’d see more playing time.

It wasn’t to be. But I’ll always be grateful to Fitz. For everything he’s done for Tua and the Miami Dolphins. Truly a legend.

And now, it’s Tua time, and the brightest of futures for our organisation.

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