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FUT 21 – Volume 2

It’s time for volume 2 of FUT 21!

If you missed it last week, then this thread is for tracking all the Undrafted boy’s FUT squad’s on a week to week basis. So we have Tom (Our new blogger), UndraftedDaf (Gaming content creator), UndraftedRex (CEO) and Undraftedanty (me).


Shake up city from Tom, with no survivors in this squad from week 1. Nuno Santos (manager) looks very happy with the squad he now has at his disposal. OTW (one to watch) Telles and Allan look so cool in the team. I love what they have done with the OTW cards this year, the colouring looks so clean.

Defence – Very strong and quick combined with powerful full backs.

Midfield – Not sure on Kane at CAM but the two either side of him are defensive work horses.

Attack – SON SON SON! What a man! I played against him so much in the first week of weekend league. Great addition from Tom here. He will get lots and lots of goals especially with the creativity of Bernardo Silva on the other wing. Jesus is Jesus, he will get lots of goals but may struggle against powerful CB’s such as Ramos etc.

UndraftedDaf – Red Devils FC

I told you Daf would be the biggest winner from this week! HE PACKED MBAPPE!!!!! It might be NAT but who cares. I can imagine his reaction 😂. I’m so freaking jealous. One pull like that can change the complexion of your team in a heart beat.

Defence – It’s good enough for the time being. It’s not FUT champs ready but you’ll win lots of games with them in Rivals. LB position needs improvement and RB Carvajal doesn’t quite have the pace. However, there are no alternatives at the RB position in Spain so it’ll have to do for the time being.

Midfield – Some strong midfield CDM’s in Matuidi and Casemiro. Fekir is very average and will probably not have much output in the CAM position but when he has Mbappe just ahead of him all he needs to do is hit the ball down the channels for him to run on to.

Attack – Mbappe speaks for himself. Coman provides a pacey outlet down the left but his finishing stats are a bit ‘meh’. Daf must be looking to improve his left and right winger over the next week.

UndraftedRex – MICKEY MOUSE CF

Nothing to report this week for Rex. Much the same, with no improvement being made. The coin total in the top right is adding up though so maybe he has his eye on someone big to add into the equation…..We will have to see!

UndraftedAnty – THE BASHERS

Now for my palaver. Not one survivor for the Bashers. I was stuck in that predicament where I could not make any improvements to the Premier League team as all the improvements were around the 300k mark. So instead of be patient and save some coins up I sold everyone and converted to a Bundesliga team. Big mistake……

Defence – Poor. Very poor! I spent all my money on strikers and midfielders that I run out of coins to get proper defenders in. Alaba is good in spurts, but other than that it’s a catastrophe.

Midfield – Probably the only good part of the team. Ballack is unreal. He’s a box to box machine and I found his finishing very good. Even on his unflavoured left foot he was banging them across the keeper time and time again. Zakaria is a interception king and is great in shielding the defence in that holding CDM role. Sabitzer is a very all round player and his finishing is also very surprising.

Attack – Lewand started WL like a house on fire. Sending me 6 – 0 but after that he failed to score again in what was a dismal run that I went on. Sancho does’t cut it on the wing with his lack of pace. Sane meanwhile is all pace and no finish. He gets in behind so many times but fails to either hit the target or pick out the right ball.

Join us next week for FUT 21 – Volume 3 as we see what improvements the boys have made. It’s going to be a good one ……

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