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FUT 21 – Volume 1

It’s time to get off on the right FUT!

I know it’s early doors and EA are EA but this might be the best FIFA ultimate team I have played to date. The gameplay is super fun, with all the new features encouraging creativity and attacking dynamism. I’m yet to master the art of defending but I’m sure that will come, we hope…..

This thread, starting with volume 1 we will be tracking all the Undrafted boy’s FUT squad’s on a week to week basis. So we’ll have Tom (Our new blogger), UndraftedDaf (Gaming content creator), UndraftedRex (CEO) and Undraftedanty (me).


Nice looking starter team that Tom has put together. Hybrid of the Premier League (ENG 1) and the Eredivisie (NED 1). Expecting big changes by week 2!

UndraftedDaf – Red Devils FC

Standard Premier League (ENG1) here from UndraftedDaf. Since sending me this update Daf has a big surprise in store for week 2!

UndraftedRex – MICKEY MOUSE CF

AGUERRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Corr some big names in here from Rex. It’s clear to see who’s been grinding the sniping. Not one position in this team looks weak. Definitely ready to battle in Weekend League.

UndraftedAnty – THE BASHERS

Right before we talk about anything else. Yes Zola …. it happened. Can’t believe I packed an icon in an Electrum Players Pack from the Nations SBC. I literally jumped on to do one SBC before work, and out popped the man himself. 800k richer and what an addition he is proving to be for the team. As for the rest of them, Jimenez has been the best signing and is proving to make the difference upfront. A lot of improvements are needed to make this team ready for Weekend League.

Join us next week for FUT 21 – Volume 2 as we see the improvement the boys have made.

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