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It’s over if Le’veon Bell goes to KC

The Chiefs are going to win a whole load of games this season and make a deep play off run. It’s going to take a serious upset to knock them off course for two bowls in two years. Honestly, i’m not mad at it. But if they land Bell, we can just call it a day here and now.

Leveon Bell has been wasted by Adam Gase… I’ll pause to allow you to bask in the shock of the previous statement. Adam Gase, wasting talent? Mishandling his stars? Surely not. SURELY NOT SUSAN. If the guy gets another head coaching job once the Jets finally come to their senses, i’ll be absolutely stunned. He’s totally washed up as a head coach, and i doubt theres many players in the league left with an ounce of respect for him.

Good job Gasey boy, another star shoved out the door…

The struggles between Bell and Gase have been well documented which I discussed when I wrote about the Jets in a previous blog. Frankly i’m surprised the Jets were willing to let Bell walk, after failing to find a trade partner, instead of just firing Adam Gase. It might actually mean they still believe he’s the answer for their franchise… yikes.

One thing i’m most certain about, is that Leveon Bell is far from washed up.

Bell was released earlier in the week and it’s emerged today that he’ll sign with one of either the Bills, Dolphins (erection), or the Kansas City Chiefs. Yep great idea let’s add Leveon Bell to the Kansas City Chiefs who already have enough fireworks on offence to cover us on New Years for the next thousand moons. Terrifying. Bell could go from being a part of the worst run organisation in football, playing with a struggling Sam Darnold, with the worst coach of all time, to basically having his finger measured for a ring overnight. Mahomes really doesn’t need any more weapons, but this is a real possibility.

Bell to KC? Imagecredit Clutch Points

Clyde Edwards-Helaire has been a wicked pick for the Chiefs, and i love the kid. Take nothing away from him. But depth could be an issue for the Chiefs and adding Bell to their roster would give them another receiving option out of the backfield, which is just another problem for the opposing defence to deal with. Quite frankly a hideous nightmare to have to contend with. Let’s not forget that Super Bowl star Damien Williams opted out of the season due to the pandemic, so they’re without him.

Kansas City could easily be the rebirth of Leveon Bells career. BUT, so could Miami. The Jordan Howard pick up hasn’t really worked out, and fans have already grown tired of him. Matt Breida has looked okay but not really shone for us yet, and surprisingly it’s my guy Myles all gas no brakes Gaskin who’s taking all the reps. Good for him too, i really like his ability, loved the late pick out of Washington and i’m glad to see the young man get his chance. Would I turn down Bell in Miami? Absolutely facking not. Give me all of Leveon Bell in Miami. Mega yes from me. We will see over the next day or two…

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