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Khabib vs Gaethje fight UFC 254 who will win?

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Khabib vs Gaethje UFC 254 on October 24th!

It’s a cold misty morning in Dagestan. The birds begin their morning chorus and the sun slowly creeps over the top of the forest. 

A loving father gently awakens his 9-year-old son and walks him into the woods. As they trek deep into the forest, The sleepy boy starts to hear noises. Growling, snarling and the faint sound of metal clashing together. Something is moving in the distance. At this point it’s is clear what is in front of him. Then the deep booming voice of his father says.

“Wrestle the bear” 

“Woah Woah Woah. Ok, what!? Wrestle a bear? An actual bear…In the woods…That’s chained up right in front of me?!! Sorry father, but you have gone insane and I want to live with mother.”

That’s what I would have said confronted with this situation. I would hope most of you would do the same. Not for Khabib however, who wrestled a bear at the age of 9! 

All joking aside, this happened. No lie, he wrestled a bear as a test set by his father. I tell you one thing, it showed that he had some serious courage at such a young age. If you can wrestle a bear, then no man on gods green earth would ever make you afraid.

Khabib The Fighter- Khabib vs Gaethje UFC 254

Image credit-www.sportingnews.com

Khabib is true to his youthful story. He really isn’t afraid, the man fights like his chin is made of rock. His ground and pound game is terrifying too, almost like with every connecting punch he sucks away a bit of his opponent’s soul, which he keeps for later as a snack after the fight.

I have watched his striking game and to me, it seems a little sloppy and a tad uncontrolled. 

Just as if he had just got into a fight outside a Wetherspoons with the bouncer, due to singing Neil Diamonds “Sweet Caroline” too loud. It may seem wild, but it’s pure power, aggression and fearlessness.

Takedowns. Ok, I’m getting to the point in life where I go to sleep feeling great. Then wake up feeling like someone has kicked the shit out of me…and that’s just sleeping! Imagine a human being picking you up above their head and slamming you to the ground! 

You are not going to bed that night feeling great! 

It’s fair to say Khabib is the takedown king. All hail king Khabib, for currently holding the world record of most takedowns in a single fight against an opponent! At UFC 160 he threw one guy around like a rag doll, gaining the world record of 21 takedowns! 

So Khabib is a mauler (probably learnt that from the bears too!) He will go toe to toe, chin to chin with you. Then actively take you down, and proceed to make you forget who you are and all your lovely past memories in life you had. By punching them out of your face. 

Gaethje Who Is He? – Khabib vs Gaethje UFC 254

Image credit-www.givemesport.com

Born into a hard-working, small copper mining town in America Justin Gaethje is a tough son of a gun. He was brought up with strong family values, hailing his father and mother as the forgers of his hard-working ethos.  

Gaethje realised the only job in his town mining, wasn’t for him. As noble as it was for his family. He got himself out of his small town by becoming a dominate wrestler, and ranked 7th in 2010 NCAA All-American! Yet with all that wrestling skill he doesn’t use it in his fighting…Why?

Gaethje thinks it’s boring. Ground and pound is not what he’s about. He is there to strike with his fists and kicks, and my oh my does he! Pop him in a red checkered coat, ship him to Canada and get him chopping down trees using those legs kicks!

He started his UFC career as a pure brawler, using the same energy in wresting as you do in a fight. Only problem is you keep going and going and going in wrestling you win, in MMA, you get hit…a lot. Now you don’t have to be the smartest chap in the world to know that when you get hit in the brain box a lot you don’t last too long. 

Punch punch in the think think makes my tummy taste like breadsticks….god I have a headache…I wonder why?…

However, Gaethje did what every great fighter has done, and what every animal throughout history has too. Adapted to survive! He found that doing less is more, his output dropped but he was more clinical and knocking out more of his opponents! But most importantly was avoiding taking unnecessary damage and risking potential life-altering injury. 

Image credit-sports.yahoo.com

In conclusion – Big Als prediction 

I can’t help but feel the need to draw a comparison from Rocky IV. Ivan Drago vs Rocky Balboa the no pain feeling hard-headed Russian meets the self-made hard-working American Rocky. Even Gaethje himself has said he wants the country to unite behind him. Bringing back the old rivalry USA against Russia…just this time with less nukes hopefully! 

How would I beat Khabib if I was Gaethje? First off I would apologies for angering the half bear half-man, and hope we could settle things over a game of chess…

UNLESS he cuts Khabib’s legs away, wears him down and doesn’t get caught on the ground with him. He works his angles and strikes in his usual violent manner. Even if he does get taken down then Gaethje’s past wrestling may just be enough to scramble back to his feet and Khabibs legs will be too tired to hold Gaethje. 

Khabib vs Gaethje UFC 254 October 24th 

Big Al’s prediction – Khabib win by decision. 

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