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Broncos Final Nail for Adam Gase?

Thursday night football tonight between the Broncos and the Jets, and there’s a good chance the Broncos send Adam Gase packing his bags.

Adam Gase has not exactly covered himself in glory since he’s been a head coach in the NFL. Touted an offensive mastermind for the achievements he accomplished with Peyton Manning during his tenure with the Broncos. Manning achieved his record passing season with Gase as offensive coordinator in 2013, which remains to this day about the only achievement Gase has managed.

As a Dolphins fan I am not a fan of his work or his methods. He never seemed to get it right and give our best players a shot at being great. In fact, he just traded them all instead. Jarvis Landry being the main guy, who I still miss, and has been a locker room leader and a huge presence in Cleveland since he arrives. Surprising considering Adam Gase traded him because he was supposedly a distraction. It’s well documented that Landry has made comments about trying to talk to Gase about his involvement, and Gase just cursing back at him.

Damien Williams went on to win a Super Bowl with the Chiefs, after Gase literally just ignored him til he went away. Williams spent four years with the Dolphins, and had shoulder surgery in 2018, and then never heard from Gase again. He simply wouldn’t return his calls.

Kenyan Drake is exactly the same situation now looking like a great back in Arizona. And of course, there’s Ryan Tannehill.

He’s just not a good coach. Tannehill is way better without him, so is Jarvis. DeVante Parker flourished as soon as he left, and we’re actually using Mike Gesicki for what he’s good at now too.

New City, Same Gase

Gase carried on his bad habits once he got to New York. The guy never takes responsibility, or backs his players, and he just seems like he’s generally a terrible leader.

Gase was hired after three very average seasons with the Dolphins (sub .500), and a whole host of bad press. Then proceeded to sit in his presser and gaze round the room like he was on some kind of special sauce.

Interesting presser Gasey boy

The whole Le’Veon Bell saga is well known, and has continued this season. Gase and Bell haven’t seemed to see eye to eye since Le’Veon was signed in free agency, and he’s just another star that Gase can’t seem to manage, and never wanted in the first place. Ian Rapoport tweeted about it stating that Gase never wanted Bell, and didn’t like the money they’d paid for him at all. He felt the same about the contract offered to CJ Mosley, the Jets other big money signing in the 2019 off season. Both decisions made by the GM Mike Maccagnan.

Bell saga uncomfortable to watch with the Jets

Gase then avoided the media during the entire NFL draft, and denied rumours that he’d fallen out with Maccagnan, who was fired a few weeks later. Interestingly, during an interview around that whole saga, Gase said ‘If we win games, nobody will remember this’. Good job on that one bud. Guess what? People remember.


Darnold is looking poor, Bell has never looked like Le’veon Bell in New York, and the Jets are running out of time.

Jets owner Christopher Johnson gave Gase the vote of confidence a couple of weeks ago, stating he believes they can win games, and that Gase doesn’t get enough credit. But we all know these votes of confidence mean nothing. It happens everytime with a full vote of confidence followed by a swift sacking a couple of weeks later. I expect that to be the case here.

The Jets take on the Broncos tonight in Thursday Night Football for the whole world to see. While i’m not sure it will be the best game in terms of tv ratings, i’ll be tuning in to see just how bad things look for the Jets.

Final Nail?

Brett Rypien will start tonight for the Broncos, having come in to relieve Jeff Driskel during the Bucs game. If Gase can’t get around a back up/practice squad QB with barely 10 snaps of NFL experience, then I think he’s done before the sun sets on Friday. The Jets are in competition with the Giants currently, as to who the worst team in the NFL might be… both need to turn the ship around, or give up and tank for Trevor Lawrence, as I discussed in my pod this week…

The Jets are 0-3, Sam Darnold looks devastated in post game interviews, and the Jets are sitting on a time bomb. Fire the terrible coach, who can’t lead a team, before your young Quarterbacks confidence is so shaken that you can’t get it back. I’m not sure on Darnold, but they at least need to give him the best shot at succeeding, which Ryan Tannehill has showed us, is not under Adam Gase.

You can’t ride one successful season with HALL OF FAME ALL TIME GREAT PEYTON MANNING forever. I’d be very surprised to see Gase get another chance as a head coach in the NFL.

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