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Joe Burrow – “Losing isn’t very fun”

Joe Burrow “Losing isn’t very fun” … well get used to it.

Joe Burrow is a winner, pure and simple. He has the mentality, his play backs it up and he went unbeaten last year winning everything he could, including the Heisman trophy. His reward? The NFL Draft first pick and the 2-14 Bengals. He has made it very clear he does not like to lose. And he has refused to make a habit of this. He followed up the title quote by saying “I will never adjust or accept losing”.

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I appreciate his honestly, however he may never accept losing, he is going to have to adjust to it. Last year the Bengals had problems, lots of problems. They had been building in the years prior, and one player is not going to change this. He may never accept losing, but he must adjust to it, because it is going to happen.

The Bengals were poor last year, winning only two of their games, both of which were against teams with losing records. They comfortably finished in last place, with no real sign of fight in them. It could be argued they had some key injuries, however for most games they either did not show up or did not seem to care.

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The Bengals need to have a complete rebuild from top to bottom, Joe Burrow is the piece they will build around. His attitude, passion and ability will bring them success in the future. For now they he will have to get used to not having fun, because they are a losing team and that won’t be ending soon.

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