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Bills vs Rams – Week 3 – Post Game Breakdown

Bills vs Rams

Picture the scene. A handsome, funny, charming 23-year-old man is asked to write his first-ever article about his favorite NFL team…(Ok I’m exaggerating, I’m not 23)
“Fantastic!” He shouts to himself. He can’t wait to sit himself down on his desk, elated by the prospect of giving a post-match breakdown of his beloved LA Rams. what could go wrong?
The Bills, that’s what could go wrong.

One of Buffalos many touchdowns
Image Credit – PFF.com

The 2-0 Rams faced off against the 2-0 Bills at Buffalo. Both teams are undefeated so far in the season.

First Half – Bills vs Rams

The TD’s came flying in from buffalo, 3 in the first half. Bills WR Diggs had his touchdown pass denied. Followed by penalties that stop his second one immediately after!
Finally, the Bills punch in the ball for yet another Touchdown.

It seemed like the broadcast was glitching in the first half. All they could show was the Rams constantly defending in the red zone!?
Don’t worry your TV isn’t broken, it’s just LA is having a terrible time, but thankfully we can all have a cup of tea to calm our nerves at the end of the second quarter.

I won’t lie to you, part of me wished QB Josh Allen had fallen down a well during half-time, and Devin Singletary had gotten lost in his own locker room. That didn’t happen and both teams re-emerge for the second half.

Both teams ready for the second half
Image credit- msn.com

Second Half – Bills vs Rams

Big surprise, another Touchdown from Buffalo. Blah blah (it’s important to be impartial as a journalist).
Wait? What’s that I see?! Can it be? LA is in the Red zone.
RB Brown with a big run up the middle and stopped at the 1-yard line!
LA’s O line are proving why they get paid, Goff gets the 1 yard sneak for the Rams first TD of the night!

The Rams start to come back in the second half. WR Cooper Kupp wide open scoring 6 points. Tyler Higbee with the 2 point conversion sending it to 25-28

Rams Defensive tackle Aaron Donald. Was that man created in a laboratory to play this game? With 2 fantastic sacks, a forced fumble and recovery all in the 4th quarter! You have to question is he human? All I do know, is that he is the top Defensive player in the League.

Aaron Donald doing what he does best! Hurting those who carry the rock.
Image credit fansided.com

With the Rams Offence in a great position. RB Henderson delivers. He plays old school “I’m gonna run the ball down your throat” style football. It works and LA are in the lead!

Josh Allen then uses his big arm to get him out of real trouble. Completes a 3rd and 22 pass to WR Beasley. Buffalo creep themselves closer and closer to the Rams Endzone to steal back the lead with less than a minute left.

4th down, Buffalo needs to score it’s their last chance. The ball fly’s out incomplete. But a flag is on the floor!


Darius Williams is called for pass interferences! I’m, sure it will come up a lot on news feeds, Instagram and Facebook. But in my calm and humble opinion, IT WAS NOT PASS INTERFERENCE!….

The Bills then have a whole new set of downs on the 5-yard line and Allen completes the pass to win the game for Buffalo.

32-35 FT.

To Conclude

Rams, my poor Rams, what a comeback it should have been. 25 points down! They claw back the lead only for it to be violently robbed by a controversial call.
But I’m not worried, La Rams look strong still. They will take this in their stride.

Josh Allen is no longer the young Rookie who panicked at key moments. He is now calm, cool, collected and will deliver the goods when it needs to happen. Bills now 3-0. They’re a team that look like making the playoffs (you’ve heard it here first!).

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