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Struggles in Philadelphia. Woeful Wentz?

This is more of a reminder post that the Philadelphia Eagles made the tough decision to trade Nick Foles, shortly after he clutched the Philly franchise a Super Bowl. And now Carson Wentz is playing like I would if you chucked me in at QB tomorrow.

Right now, the Eagles struggling roster, lack of excitement and generally disappointing form has reporters asking the question about Jalen Hurts. The Alabama/Oklahoma Quarterback was selected by the Eagles with the 53rd pick in the second round of the draft. Questionable to say the least when you supposedly have a franchise QB. I’d have loved to see Jalen go somewhere that didn’t really have it figured out at QB, giving him the best possible shot at making it in the league. At the time, it looked like Hurts would arrive and serve as a back up, or a package option dual QB type threat.

Hurts waits patiently on the sideline…

BUT, Wentz and the Philly offence has played SO badly through the first three weeks of the season, sparking more and more aggression from the Philly fan base, that Hurts name is already being mentioned. Doug Pederson quickly dismissed the question labelling the move as a ‘knee jerk reaction’. But it’s looking a tad ugly for the Eagles right now.

Rough Start

The Eagles, now 0-1-2, managed to scrape a draw against the Cincinnati Bengals in week 3. Whoop-dedoo. Right? It’s the Bengals. I mean okay it’s looking like Joey B might be able to turn that franchise around, somewhat, but that’s going to take time, and it’s literally his third outing as an NFL pro. Wentz on the other hand, now in his 5th season in the league, has already racked up 6 interceptions. Two in every game. He threw 7 last season in all 16 games. Yikes.

I will say, that the Eagles haven’t exactly surrounded Wentz with talent, which is well documented. First round pick Jalen Raegor has already showed off his crazy speed once or twice, but is now injured. Alshon Jeffery is also injured, and so is Desean Jackson. Which leaves Zack Ertz, basically.

Wentz and the Eagles offence continue to struggle putting it together. Now three weeks into the season.

It’s been a horrendous start to the season for the Eagles, and while they battled it out for a share of the spoils yesterday, with the rebuilding Bengals, Nick Foles strode into the Bears game, down heavily against the Atlanta Falcons away from home, and clutched up with a fat W. Making himself look a thousand times more efficient than Carson Wentz in the process.

Awkward Decision Wentz over Foles…

I get why the Eagles chose to keep Wentz over Foles I really do. It’s kind of the decision they had to make. Wentz is their franchise guy, Foles is the journeyman who came in and played well when it mattered. Of course, with Wentz injured and Foles getting it done in the Super Bowl, it made Pedersons’ media outings a little complicated at the time.

Eventually, Foles was traded to the Bears where he’d compete with Mitch Trubisky. Who is also a poor choice for a franchise quarterback. Trubisky, much like Wentz, screams years of mediocracy to me.

Foles with a clutch performance to squeeze a win out of nowhere for the Bears.

Unfortunately for Philly, they’re committed to paying Carson Wentz over 130 million dollars over the next 5 years. (Yikes). The 6 year deal struck in March of 2019 means Wentz is the guy for the long term. He won’t start making chunky money until 2022, but if he doesn’t get right in a hurry, and the Eagles don’t figure their sh*t out, it could be an ugly road for the Philly boys.

Wentz needs to stay healthy, get on the same page as his receivers, and hopefully make that contract look less…erm… gross? And if Nick Foles now starts playing like a God again, then rest in peace to the Eagles.

Could we see Jalen Hurts a lot quicker than we thought? I love Hurts, and right now, what do they have to lose? Apart from 13 more games…

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