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DK Metcalf mega yikes…

I wouldn’t want to be heading back to the sideline after that. Let’s hope the Seahawks win this game otherwise DK Metcalf might find himself on the practice squad.

Having burnt his man completely, Russell Wilson finds him for a tonne downfield, at which point DK lets up and starts to stroll into the end zone. Rookie corner Trevon Diggs, who I still maintain dropped too far in the draft, comes up behind him and totally ruins his day.

As DK counts the fantasy points he’s about to score, Diggs sucker punches the ball out of his hands from behind, which goes flying out the back of the endzone for a touchback. And at that moment I paid my respects to anybody who’s got DK Metcalf as an anytime touchdown scorer. I hope for your sakes he manages to get another.

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