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5 things I expect to see in the NFL today (Week 3)

Okay so here we go. Last week we were 4 of 5! Only the lack of an Adrian Peterson touchdown let us down and ultimately cost us over £300. I’ve sent AP an invoice. I feel good about this weeks, featuring Justin Herbert, the Browns, and more… Let’s get into it.

The Giants win

This is an interesting game for all the wrong reasons. With so many injuries plaguing the Niners, and the Giants without Saquon Barkley, it’s a strange game to try and call. But, that being said, San Francisco are missing so many key pieces I just can’t see how they get around it and get any offence going. It’s essentially a second string team. Jimmy G is out, running backs Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman are both out, Deebo Samuel is on IR, George Kittle is out, and it’s looking like a tall order for Nick Mullens.

Then on defence, they’re missing basically the whole front line. Nick Bosa is done for the season, which is a real shame. Solomon Thomas also out for the season. Then Dee Ford and Dre Greenlaw are both out. Richard Sherman is on IR. I feel bad for the 49ers reading this injury report.

A beat up 49ers team likely to struggle against the Giants today

Of course, the Giants have some injury concerns of their own. No Barkley and Sterling Shepard is also out, but I like what I’m seeing from Evan Engram, I like the Devonta Freeman pick up and I fancy the Giants to take advantage and notch their first win.

Derrick Henry to appear

Henry has been quiet so far this season, but the Vikings run defence has been poor, and Kirk Cousins really struggled on offence last week. If the Titans offence is on the field as much as I think they’re going to be, i think this is the first week we see that dominant Derrick Henry that we know and love. I’m picking him for an absolute field day, running totally riot, and two touchdowns.

A Cleveland Browns Clinic

The Browns offence looked efficient on Thursday night football last week, and they’re now fresh off a 10 day rest, where as the Washington Football Team are fresh off an ass whooping from the Arizona Cardinals. They struggled against extended plays and efficient drives from Kyler Murray and his boys, and if the Browns offence looks like they did against the Bengals, then i just don’t Washington will be able to keep up. Baker will need to show up as Washington have some studs in their defensive line, and might key on slowing down Nick Chubb forcing Baker to throw. But he’ll get it done. Browns to cover the -7 spread.

Jonathan Taylor Tuddy

The Colts are playing the Jets so I probably don’t need to say any more… The Jets are also high on the list in terms of rushing yards allowed, and JT looked great last week against the Vikings. With Marlon Mack out, the rookie will be looking to impress his new city with every carry he has, and I can’t see how he doesn’t punch at least one in today.

Jonathan Taylor is looking good early for the Colts… Touchdown today!

The Herb Hype!

Justin Herbert gets his first win as an NFL quarterback this week against the Carolina Panthers. The Chargers at -6.5, win by a touchdown or more. I love it. Herbert had a great debut and was very unfortunate to take an L against the Chiefs, and if they build on that performance this week, betting on them at -6.5 is a very generous gift.

The Odds?

A £5 bet on the above with Bet365 will get you £248 in return. Can I clutch a 5/5 after missing out by one last week??

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