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Hand the keys to LA to Justin Herbert

The Chargers moved out of San Diego, and into a temporary soccer stadium, where they held the record for the worst attendance in the league last year. Below the Bengals, and that was with a potential hall of fame quarterback leading the team. Everybody had lost interest in the brand new LA Chargers. Step up Justin Herbert.

The Los Angeles Chargers are now in direct competition for attention with both the LA Rams and the Las Vegas Raiders. How do you attract a fan base and build momentum again with your franchise? It isn’t by having Tyrod Taylor play until you burn him out.

A little sooner than expected

I have said from the jump that we’ll see 6th overall pick Justin Herbert sooner than we see Tua, and I gave it until week 6, allowing Tyrod to take on the uphill struggle against the Bucs and the Saints in week 4 and 5, and then give Herbert the keys ahead of the week 6 match up against the Jets, which right now it’s looking like I could go out and win.

BUT, that wasn’t to be the case. A last minute chest issue sidelined Tyrod Taylor on gameday, and Justin was thrown in the deep end in a hurry. Instead of a debut against the Jets, he got a debut against the Super Bowl reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs, and guess what, it took an overtime 58 yard field goal from Butker to deny the Chargers.

Now i’m pissed because the Chiefs were the last team in a six fold accumulator that would have won me £313 had they won by 9 points. But the Chargers defence was on fire, and it took one unholy good throw from Mahomes to Tyreek Hill to change everything. That one throw won the Chiefs the game, without it it wasn’t going to happen. On the run, flushed out of the pocket, 60 yards downfield to a spot beyond the finger tips of two defenders where only Tyreek can catch it. That’s why he gets paid half a billion dollars. Outside of that Mahomes didn’t look great on Sunday and that’s testament to a very effective Chargers front. But the rookie looked very promising on the opposite side.

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert runs into the end zone for a touchdown next to Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Michael Danna during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Sept. 20, 2020, in Inglewood, Calif. (AP Photo/Kyusung Gong)

Impressive debut Justin Herbert. Hats off son.

First of all, he found out he was going to be playing within an hour of kick off, which is immense testament to his mental resolve and preparation. As a QB you always need to be ready to go, and the effort on Sunday shouldn’t be overlooked.

In my eyes, Justin Herbert made one mistake. Sure a couple of incompletions and an inaccurate pass here and there, but there was one error that cost him. When he rolled out left and could have easily taken a couple more strides for a first down, he instead bombed the ball deep into double coverage and had it picked off. Much like Mahomes 60 yard dime, I think this moment also defined the game. Without the error the Chargers win, but that’s football, and take nothing away from Justin, he took the Chiefs to overtime.

Do the Chargers win the game with Tyrod Taylor? No. Justin Herbert made a great decision on the first touchdown to take it in himself while the linebacker was too busy concentrating on a receiver. By the time the backer turned round and smacked Herbert he was already over the line. The second touchdown was a perfect pass that I honestly believe either goes over the receivers head, or is picked off if it’s thrown by Tyrod Taylor.

Here’s a little Baldy Breakdown of Herbs debut

Herb is the man

Herbert also knocked out a linebacker who tried to hit him. He’s 6 foot 6 and about 240 pounds, and looks every bit the part. If I’m a Chargers fan, what I saw on Sunday is incredibly exciting, and to go back to Tyrod Taylor now would be like getting back in your Toyota Prius after test driving a lambo.

Yes it’s earlier than you had ideally planned, yes he’s going to have some rookie struggles, but he’s in now. He wasn’t perfect, and he won’t be immediately but, this is Herbs team and I for one will be 100x more likely to tune in and watch the Chargers than I would be if he wasn’t playing. He looked like he was loving it, having a great time, and I’d hate to see that get taken away from him. Good for the brand, good for their market in LA, good for the future of the organisation. This is Justin Herberts team now, step aside Tyrod.

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