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Dead Certs – Volume 1

Dead Certs has landed at Undrafted. Follow our journey as UndraftedAd, UndraftedRex and UndraftedAnty (me) fight it out to be the weekly Dead Certs Champion 💪.

Dead Certs = Absolute guaranteed moneymaking bet. You’ll struggle to find that description in the dictionary though. Which one of the boys will you back? I know who my moneys on………

Volume 1 will be tailored towards Premier League football. UndraftedAnty has randomly selected the following 4 games:

Everton v West Brom

Leeds v Fulham

Arsenal v West Ham

Southampton v Tottenham

It’s now our boys job to all predict the results to these games. For a correct result the person will be awarded 1 point. Whoever has the most points after all the games are played will be the weekly dead certs champion.

The winner of the week will then select next week’s matchups from a sport of their choice! Knowing Undraftedrex it’ll be some new American sport he’s discovered.


Betting Slip


Betting Slip


Betting slip

Tune back in next week for the results and next weeks Dead Cert’s 🔥

Have a read of Anty’s Premier League Predictions for this weekend. Maybe you can choose your own Dead Cert’s from this!

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