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Odell Beckham would have woken up this morning to see himself trending on social media, for all the wrong reasons. And i’m really not buying it.

A clip from a podcast, and lets not be judgemental now, but said clip featuring three women, who first of all look like this…

…has emerged, claiming that OBJ likes having women shit on him. Are we really buying into this? The one on the left looks like she got lost on the way to the circus, the one on the right is the girl who lied about having Offset’s baby and created all that drama with Cardi B, and the one in the middle now apparently shits on Odell Beckham. She looks… pleasant. I’ll eat my shoes if she doesn’t have daddy issues.

I hate hate hate this modern day thing where for some reason there’s a whole culture glorifying the idea of being a total skank? Cardi B at the top of the list, with a whole bunch of other slutty minor leaguers following suit. Everybody gets a platform today, and some just want a quick route to the top, with no talent or hard work, just lying on somebody elses name for attention. Maybe I should try that? I’ll just make up a lie that I pissed all over Jennifer Lopez then i won’t have to work hard to make something of Undrafted.

Who gave these women this platform, and who’s listening to and enjoying this filth? They’re everywhere these days, women sitting down podcasting, talking about what a slut they are and all their incredible stories of skill and ability, and talent put to good use…wait, no, not that. Just the slut thing.

I’m not buying it for a second, you wanna tell me that Odell Beckham Jr, a superstar athlete, with fame, money, and friends like Drake, is calling on a woman like that, flying her out, and having her take a deuce on him? Why are we entertaining this? Does she look like she’d be a reliable source of information? I’m not trusting anyone who’s wearing a baggy thong under her armpits, who willingly goes on record on the internet to talk about taking videos of herself shitting. I can think of more reliable sources, like, the tabloid newspapers and my local crackhead.

The girl in white who hosts said podcast, started a whole lie that lasted for 9 months where she was allegedly carrying rapper Offsets child and then admitted she was openly lying, and before that did the same to Chief Keef, so another reliable source… and again the one on the left looks like she misplaced her script for the Joker sequel. Sort your face out.

None of this is funny. Imagine the detriment to the mans image if none of this is true, it’s hard to shake something like this that’s taken the internet by storm today. I’m tired of seeing this sort of thing targeting athletes, by women who have no skill or talent of their own.

This one is obviously less serious, but we’ve seen it with Tyreek Hill, Zeke Elliott, and Deondre Francois of FSU, who had his scholarship terminated by FSU at the time of the allegations that he’d been domestically abusing his girlfriend for two years. Once it was too late, she issued an apology and admitted she was lying. Was he reinstated at FSU? No. All that work his whole life to get somewhere to have it tarnished and ruined by a woman who wanted some attention/revenge.

So you can make your jokes on twitter, and point and laugh and encourage this sort of shit, and if it’s true then I guess it’s fair game. But if it’s not, then I feel for Odell, and i hope he sues the life out of these women for tarnishing his reputation. It doesn’t look like the one in the middle can afford clothes so she isn’t going to last very long in a lawsuit with a multimillionaire.

I’m willing to bet my nut sack that this is a lie. Shame on the internet spreading and encouraging this without any facts, remember the time twitter abused Caroline Flack nonstop? She killed herself. Do better.

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