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One Strike & You’re Out – Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood

One Strike & you’re out – Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood

Really? Like really really?

What the hell are Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden playing at. Blessed with so much footballing talent but must have the brain the size of a bean.

Both players made their England debuts during Saturday’s 1-0 win over Iceland in the Nations League.  But they now find themselves flying home early after breaching coronavirus protocols in Iceland by inviting two local girls to the Three Lions’ team hotel. In addition to this, the pair were fined 250,000 Icelandic krona (£1,360) each.

What a gigantic f*** up on their behalf.

Southgate said the following…..

“It was brought to my attention that two boys have broken Covid guidelines in terms of our secure bubble and so we had to decide very quickly that they couldn’t have any interaction with the team”.

“Given the procedures we have to follow now, they have to travel back to England separately.

“They’ve been naive. There’s responsibility on every age group in this pandemic. They’ve apologised. Nothing happened in the areas we occupy in the hotel.”

He added: “Unfortunately for the two boys there’s going to be a lot of judgement from afar. They understand their responsibilities and that they got this wrong.”

Gareth Southgate – England Manager

There’s even a video 😭

Damn right there is going to be a lot of judgement. They’ve made a mockery of what it means to be chosen and play for England. It should have been a massive milestone in their international careers. Yet I’m sat here listening to a snapchat call between two naive “boys” and some wannabe wag discussing about meeting up. All whilst they’re meant to be on international duty. It makes me angry.

Were all human but there’s a time and a place!

I’m under no illusion that footballer’s are human to and if two young hot girls come on to you and your mate, its tempting. But seriously….there’s a time and place for what Foden and Greenwood have done. And this definitely wasn’t that time.

If I’m Gareth Southgate with the Euro’s to come next year I’d make an example to the rest of the group that this is not acceptable behaviour. Foden and Greenwood cannot be part of the team now until after the Euro’s. Probably sounds a ridiculous statement but hear me out.

To win an international competition, something the England team has strived for over so many years you need ruthless competitors with a winning mentality. This requires pure focus and determination to succeed. Not playboys thinking where they can stick their d*** next! It’s got to be one strike and you’re out.

Foden and Greenwood in England Training Together – Image Credit: Manchester Evening News

If you forgive Foden and Greenwood and reinstate them to the team during the next international break what example are we setting to the rest of England’s young squad. It’s clear there is not many experienced heads in the England team. This awkward scenario could have potentially been avoided if there was.

I suppose we’ll have to see how this plays out once this international break concludes, but I predict Southgate may be super tough on them. Especially as they have made him look bad by breaking Covid regulations. What sort of example will this set to all the young fans out there who have been obeying these rules as per Government guidelines.

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