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We pulled a one of one card worth thousands…

Week 5! It’s been a pretty wild rollercoaster ride in the world of sports cards this past week. I had a quiet week the week prior so didn’t write a post but THIS WEEK…. Oh damn. A one of one? Let me explain.

Before we get into this, there are people who’ve been ripping boxes of sports cards open weekly for YEARS… and this has never happened to them. This was Kyle and Mikeys first in hand box EVER. And only my fourth.

We currently have two breaks listed on eBay, so why not join us in one of those, it seems like we have the hot hand right now…

So let me tell you a little story. I purchased three boxes of Gold Standard because at Undrafted we’re starting to get into box breaks, and two of those boxes are currently listed on eBay for a team break next week! We’re going to work to become a leader in the box break market in the UK & EU and build a platform for us to talk sports and build our collections with a community of our own. We’ve already met some awesome people along the way, and the community is beginning to grow!

So, considering two boxes are on eBay, we had a third one going spare, and me Kyle and Mikey who are soon to be my roommates went for breakfast, and headed back to mine just to chill out, play some madden etc. We got onto talking about the cards and the boxes and i was showcasing the shiny gold bars that are Gold Standard Football. The conversation about the third box came up and somebody said, ‘let’s open it…’

It was met with an immediate no. These boxes are not cheap, and split three ways it’s £75 ish each. Turns out the will power between us isn’t very strong, and we ripped it open. The first six cards were brutal, and we’d said goodbye to our money. Until…

Mikey picked the card up from underneath the filler that we had covering the cards. It was a slow reveal. He actually said ‘Oh it’s not very good…’ and he was lying. As he picked it up and turned it over, all three of us leaned in to look, and i hadn’t processed the whole thing, before Mikey shouted ‘IT’S A ONE OF ONE!’. And we all went nuts.

Now make no mistake about it, the odds of this happening the way that it did are so minuscule it’s ridiculous. A one of one is crazy enough, but for that one of one to be a rookie, which is also a quarterback, in the first round, is bananas.

An NFL shield patch, rookie card, signed, and it’s the only one that exists. From the beautiful set that is Gold Standard.

So what do you do with it?

Once we’d calmed down, which took a longgg time, and actually processed what we now had in our possession, the next question was, well what do we do with it.

And the answer was list it on eBay for an extortionate price. So we put it up for £8500, which is crazy. We are not expecting to fetch that kind of money for it, but we did have an offer of $2000 within 24 hours of it being listed, which tells me it’s worth more. Listing it at a high price means we can listen to offers, take our time, and see what happens!

We’re still not really sure what to do with it, but we’re leaning towards keeping it. At the end of the day, it cost us £75 each. We could probably clear £1000 return each, and cash out. OR, we could sit on the card, follow Jordan Love’s career, enjoy the experience, and see where it takes us. God knows the value if he becomes the next Aaron Rodgers, but it’s a darn sight more than it’s worth now.

When will we ever possess a one of one rookie quarterback card again? We’ll never pull one, and considering we all had this ridiculous experience together, i’m reluctant to let it go too soon. Watching Jordan Love play while holding this card will be crazy stressful, but could also be a tonne of fun. So who knows!

All that being said, if it just happens to sell for £8500 randomly, i’ll be just fine with that too…

What would you do?? If you’d like to see the video i posted talking about this… here it is:

Head back to the homepage here:

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