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Madden 21 – Rex’s First Impressions

Madden 21 launches officially at midnight tonight and i’ve been waiting for it all day.

Which is NOT something I thought i’d be saying this year. I’ve been pissed at Madden all summer for the sheer lack of content and outright laziness from the team working on Ultimate Team. The content died in March… MARCH, the game recycles in AUGUST. What the fuck in jesus name were you doing??

While i’m still a little hot about it, and their continued negligence towards the community while they scoop all our money up and skip into the sun with it, i’m willing to forgive.

It does look promising!

I got my hands on the EA Play access for Madden 21, and i’ve been extremely surprised.

There was zero communication from EA over the summer about the new game, apart from here’s the price go and buy it, basically. But the live stream last week in which they revealed a tonne of the content coming to the game got me excited again. Now I know, this happens every year, we’re all suckers for it. They dangle shiny new things in front of us and we forget the bad times. Make no mistake about it, they still have work to do.

BUT, that being said, the game feels amazing this year. They’ve done a lot of work on the gameplay, you can feel it. Some sick looking new animations for receivers in particular, and a boost to the D line. The game generally feels really nice to play. Running backs play completely differently this year, and there’s a whole host of changes to ball carriers which i’ve yet to figure out.

Probably most importantly they’ve changed spin and juke moves to be controlled via analog stick, and not on the buttons, so now when I hit square to perform a spin move, my guy starts celebrating down the field and I fumble every time. I’ll get used to it.

A cool little addition is the yard, which is like a 6 on 6 back yard type of game mode, with cool customisations and arenas of it’s own. I played a couple of games and you play both ways with your character, like QB and Safety, which is cool. It feels fun, quick, light hearted games, and a progression system to go with it. Let’s hope they don’t litter it too heavily with micro transactions.. this is EA we’re talking about.

They’ve finally changed the design of the MUT cards and hallelujah, the old one’s were horrible the entire time. So i’m glad that’s done. Some cool day 1 additions include Andre Johnson who i don’t think has been in MUT since maybe Madden 16, so that’s really cool too. There’s plenty to grind when the game launches and i’ll be getting right on it, having already worked to add a nice boosted Larry Fitzgerald to the no money spent squad.

I’m buzzing to get stuck into creating content on the game, and have already launched three videos onto youtube. We’ll have no money spent, franchise mode, and MUT Lotto is to come, which i’m real excited to share. I think that series could be the focal point of our channel. Then we’ll do some rebuilds and drafts maybe and just generally smash content out all year long. Providing they actually offer the content to us to work with…

Madden 21 and EA has to win back it’s audience this year, and they’ve made a good start. They’ve acknowledged the angry hashtag going around the internet about fixing madden franchise, which gets no love because all EA care about is ultimate team because that’s where the money’s at.

I was considering not bothering this year with 2K and FIFA looking good, but they’ve got me on the hook. The proof will be in the pudding. EA has become greedier and greedier over time, and put less and less effort into their games and their content. They need to produce, and it needs to last. You can’t spend 5 months in complete silence. Your game died in March, MARCH. Use COVID as an excuse all you like but that’s poor. Do better. I’m willing to forgive.

Take a look at my Dolphins Franchise season debut below!

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