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I spent $90 on one card… Tua Cards… Week 4

AND it was a bargain. No nonsense. Expensive sports cards are a different ball game, and mine barely classes as expensive. Believe it or not that headline won’t impress many people in the world of sports card collecting. It’s a crazy place. This week the focus is the rookie Tua cards.

So up until this point the maximum i’d spent on any one single card was around $15 for a Richard Sherman card numbered to 10. Super bowl year, nice card, loved it. But since picking up the hobby it’s Tua i ultimately want. Anybody who knows me knows by now I couldn’t be any more all in on Tua. I believe he’s gonna do great things, which means buying his sports cards is both a win for the personal collection, and if i’m right about him, a win as an investment too.

So the hunt began to find the right card I wanted to put my money into. Make no mistake about it i’ve added a fair few Tua cards to my collection already, but nothing numbered, short printed, autographed or jersey patched yet. UNTIL NOW.


I discovered the Gold Standard series, and those cards are absolutely beautiful, and feature Tua in his Dolphins uniform for the first time. As we now know, it’s the cards with players in their pro uniforms that fetch the dollaritos. College cards are still great, but the value of Mahomes in a Texas Tech uniform, is a lot less than his value in a Chiefs uniform.

So i started having a look at Tua cards in the gold standard promo, and they’re fetching a pretty penny… Exhibit A:

Yah. That’s a one of one, NFL shield, signed Tua card. It’s the only one that exists. So you can sell it for whatever you like, basically.

SLIGHTLY out of my budget. But the golden set caught my eye. The one I found had a current bid of $73 dollars and around 4 days left, and i was watching it closely. Put a couple of bids in that got instantly knocked off, and with two hours to go I upped my maximum bid to $125.


With an hour to go it sat at $90 and i was winning. I’d done my research on comparisons, looked at similar cards on auction, and was happy with my choice. Card looks to be in perfect condition, okay great. So i waited for the bidding war, gearing myself up to go a little over the $125 if i had to, i didn’t want to lose. I was locked in. But the bids never came. On eBay you’ll be winning all the way down to one second and you’ll get outbid just as the auction ends. But the Tua card sat at my bid of $90 and ticked all the way down to zero.

It was a pretty satisfying feeling to be honest. Not only did I win it, but I won it for around $40 less than I was willing to pay. I then screenshotted it and sent it to a few people i’ve been talking to within the hobby, and got a resounding ‘That’s a steal’ response. I then won a bet the following day by cashing out at a $125 on a 7 fold on the baseball, before the bet crashed and lost. A great day at the office. And the card is now free.

And here it is:

So it’s numbered to 49, four colour patch, newly minted. And I love it. The holy grail of my collection of cards. I’ll keep it all cased up and fresh for a number of years, and we’ll see how Tua does in the NFL. Investing in his ability, and betting on his career, basically.

I continue to be all in.

The card arrived at my US address for shipping yesterday, i’m waiting for it to be scanned into my inventory, and then i’ll ship it along with everything else I have ordered since I started collecting. Should be on it’s way to me by the time I write next weeks blog I think. And of course, there will be an unboxing video…

Stay tuned as Undrafted is going to be getting involved doing their very own box breaks, as yet another string to our ever growing bow. If you’re a collector, you should get involved. More news on that to follow in the coming weeks…

I can’t wait to share all the sick stuff i’ve picked up so far. Lot’s of Gators!

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