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Help There Are Cards Everywhere. Sports Cards Week 3.

Warning. This shit is addictive. Sports cards will grow on you, and fast.

If you have an addictive personality, and you love collecting things. Then sports cards are both your perfect hobby, and the end of your life as you know it. My collection is beginning to grow, and my bank account is paying for it. BUT that being said, keep yourself within budget, and you’re in good shape. These cards hold value, some will increase dramatically, some may drop. But if you up and sell your collection one day, you’ll bring some money back in. I’m genuinely hoping to furnish my house some day by selling off a chunk of my collection.

So what have i been doing this week? Accidentally collecting Cole Kmet cards apparently. That’s two numbered beauties from two boxes of Legacy.

Adding to the PC

I’ve been buying more cards all week. I want to pick things up in sets, so for example in Panini Legacy, i want all three of CJ Henderson, Van Jefferson, and La’Mical Perine, in the same set. It will look sick in my collection, and my OCD appreciates it. I don’t think i can be somebody who just has completely random cards, they have to be a part of a collection of some sort. Whether that be the set the cards are from, the player, the team etc. Again, the most i’ve dropped on a single card is still the red version of Tua I got in week 1. But that will change soon… I need an autograph, that’s the objective.

Speaking of which i’ve been wheeling and dealing and met some great folks on facebook this week. Through a couple of facebook groups i completed the entire rookie set from Panini Legacy 2020. Didn’t take me too long at all! And i love the way it looks…

I mean this is just one page, there’s 6 in total. I have every rookie in the set, and it was honestly SO much fun trying to find and swap and buy the few cards I still needed. As for that Tua card, i pulled it myself out of a box, with my very own hands, and thus it is going to stay with me until the day i die. I might even have it graded, it looks pretty good! I most definitely already have a sentimental attachment to it.

I also sold a few cards on eBay, and am learning about the whole negotiating best offers and packaging up cards to sell them, and again, met some lovely people on the way. The community is friendly and full of people trying to help each other out, which i love.

Heartbreak Hotel

I did however experience my first heartbreak this week, when a Sean Taylor card from 2019 National Treasures slipped through my fingers at the last second. I had been winning on it for days. It seems pretty rare and was numbered to 25. There’s only three left on eBay, all overpriced, two numbered higher, and one is a one of one, which I can’t afford! So that was a shame, i’d love that Sean T card to add to my collection, I’ve always admired him since I learned about his story. A great tragedy, and i’d like to honour him with a card in my collection!

I’ve started building a collection of Richard Sherman cards, being my all time favourite NFL player to date. When I got into the sport back in 2013/2014 ish, the Seahawks were the team to watch, and that defence, in particular Richard Sherman, caught my attention. I’ve got some beauties coming my way for Sherm, and can’t wait to piece that collection together! The gem of the lot being a 2014 National Treasures Richard Sherman, numbered to 10. So far i’ve only seen pictures, but it is BEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait for it to arrive. National Treasures cards are so nice, right up my street, and i’ll likely build a few sets of those in the coming months. All these cards are soon to be on their way to me!

It’s shipping time!

Which brings me onto my final topic of the week, it’s almost shipping time!! It’s going to feel like Christmas. I’m waiting on 2 more cards I believe to appear in my inventory, and then i’ll be requesting that they’re boxed up and sent over. It should total around 35 cards that i’ve bought and collected over the last 3 weeks. The unboxing video will just have to be done.

Now one thing I will say is that I was recommended ShipMyCards and their service has been very good. However, the $2 processing fee for each card starts to add up. Okay i’m saving a lot on shipping, but when you’re buying individual cards it does add up fast. I did some digging and upon speaking to an experienced collector I found GetItShippedInternational.com. Their price for a one month subscription is $15.99, and if you think well that’s 8 cards a month, it works out a lot better. I can also send anything there. If i buy clothes from Fanatics or the Gator shop etc, other merch. I can send it all to my GISI box, and then have it shipped when I’m ready. I like ShipMyCards, but this is a better option for me. That being said, ShipMyCards still offers a great grading service, so you might want to use them for that.

I personally will be doing things like this for the time being. I’ll buy my cards, have them all shipped to me when i’m ready, and I will then check them out personally, and that way have every confidence if I believe a card is worth grading. I’ll then send them off through Ludkins Collectibles, which is a service I can send my cards to in the UK for grading. I believe it’s around £11 per card. I’ll talk more on that when i’ve been through the process. Hopefully this weekend my cards will be shipped, and then we wait.

Theres cards everywhere boys and girls, and I love it. The hobby is great, a lot of fun. And next week we’re going to talk about dropping a bomb on a Tua card. An investment for the long term.

I also dropped my first box ever as a video on Youtube this week, you can check that out here:

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