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Will Gronk still be Gronk?

The question on both Patriots and Buccaneers fans lips alike “Will Gronk still be Gronk?”

The year is 2020 and amongst some other pretty mad shit happening, the New England Patriots traded a retired Rob Gronkowski to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As if the Pats fans didn’t have it bad enough, losing their multiple Super Bowl winning QB – they had now also lost, their multiple Super Bowl winning Tight End.

Well Pats fans, there is only one person to blame for that, and that’s Tom Brady! The new Bucs QB made it his priority to get Gronk back in the league and of course, when your homeboy comes calling, you got to go!

This is one of the main reasons why I think Gronk will ball out. Tom Brady has implicit trust for him. There is nothing stronger in football, than being the guy that your QB can depend on. During their tenure at the Pats, Brady and Gronk connected for 7,786 yards and 78 TDs. They were statistically the best QB/TE combo from 2010-2018 BY A MILE!!

Recovery time

Gronk has had a whole year off. His body has been able to heal 100% and he has been able to focus on partying, Wrestling, presenting and smashing a Lego head of Steve Harvey. It’s well documented that even the best NFL players sometimes play with significant injuries, so the time away from the smashing, crashing and spiking will have done Gronk the world of good.

Now not to get too caught up in preseason, non-padded, non-contact workouts, but Gronk and Brady have looked seamless so far. It’s as if Gronk had never been away. You can see the time out had also let Gronk slim down, but he is now well on the way to being at playing weight and says by the time the season comes he’ll be back at 260/265lbs.

Onwards an upwards

There is, of course, a lot of hate out there towards star players who move from team to team, but I find it hard to believe that Gronk isn’t going to do well at the Bucs. He’s healthy, happy and has his bro back who happens to be the G.O.A.T. The Bucs won’t just benefit from Gronk’s playing style but his Super Bowl pedigree and his leadership will certainly be a key assets among some already great Bucs players.

I only have 1 issue – they play in the NFC South.

Last week I wrote a piece on how I thought the division was going to pan out – so go check that out here!

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