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Antonio Brown as a Miami Dolphin?

No. Can I end my piece there? Antonio Brown lets discuss…

Right boys and girls let’s dig into this a little bit. So Allen Hurns & Albert Wilson both chose to opt out of the 2020 season. Fine, completely respect it along with anybody else who decides to do so for the health and wellbeing of their family. Aaaand we weren’t hit as badly by it as the Patriots. So there’s that.

In the aftermath of two of our receivers opting out, I see this photo on twitter:

Let me be clear. Not a single fibre of my body wants to see this happen.

Now I used to love and adore Antonio Brown. Pittsburgh Steelers Antonio Brown was one of the most electric talents to watch. I remember being stunned on the spot when he stretched the ball over the goal line against the Ravens to secure the division. Three guys had him held up, three, and one wrapped around his facemask, but AB knew if he didn’t get the ball over the line they were in trouble. An unbelievable play, and extreme determination to get the job done, securing the division for the Steelers.

AB isn’t short of highlight tape. Incredible career in the black and yellow. But something changed and what we’ve seen since he left Pittsburgh has been downright sad. AB is now mocked by many, and has completely tarnished his career and the hard work he put in with the Steelers to build a reputation as one of the games greats.

Unfortunately it’s hard to forget some of the circus acts that have come with the AB package of late. The helmet issue, the frozen feet, the media circus, one game and one touchdown with the Patriots (which I happened to attend), before he was cut again.

His social media behaviour has been embarrassing and he just seems lost. Completely lost. It’s a complete circus. We’re talking elephants, balancing acts, the trapeze and trampoline, like the full works.

Not to mention that he hasn’t played for a full season, and if he was to go anywhere, the media follows him. Which takes all the attention away from the incredible work going on in Miami.

Fins Culture not a fit.

Now with what Sir Brian Flores is building, this is exactly what we don’t want. Flores quietly went about his work last year while the media called the Dolphins every name under the sun, including ‘the worst football team in the history of the game’. From the outside, and to us Dolphins fans, it looked like the talent was jumping overboard while the ship sank. We dealt Kenyan Drake to Arizona, Minkah Fitzpatrick the Pittsburgh, adding two more of our best players to a long list that’s exited Miami in recent years.

But Flores turned it around and somehow, someway, the Dolphins team touted the worst ever, ended up 5-11. The difference in the culture and the players on the team was visible from week 1 to week 17. Don’t forget we started the season getting 50 bombed by the Ravens. Flores did all of that with hard working, and often overlooked football players. Drafting in players from other teams practice squads, hand me downs, the unwanted free agents. We were 0-7, and we finished with 5 wins.

What the Dolphins are doing doesn’t require an Antonio Brown. It would only take away snaps and targets from the emerging Preston Williams, and Devante Parker as he comes off of a break out year. Parker is WR1 this season, and I can’t wait to see what Williams can do with a full healthy season. It’s those guys that I want building a relationship with the mighty Tua, and that group of talent doesn’t need a distraction like AB. Sure, we could use some depth now at the position, but this season is still a season of development for the Dolphins, and frankly might be a gimmick for the entire league. So let’s use it to develop, and continue to build the culture Flores has brought in. And in 2021, we unleash the Hawaiian king.

As for AB, i just hope he’s okay. The jokes are funny, and his acts are cringe worthy and embarrassing. But he has been acting odd for a long time, and I hope it’s nothing too serious. I can’t see an NFL team giving him another shot. He’s now serving an 8 game ban anyway, and I think the NFL is done with him. Sad, but unfortunately true.

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