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First Images. Tua at Miami Dolphins Training…

RIGHT MIAMI DOLPHINS FANS. Stay fucking calm okay?

But for real the Dolphins social media accounts are posting some images of the team warming up at training and it legitimately might be today that we officially see the first throws from Tua as a Miami Dolphin. Which is probably the most exciting thing that’s happened in the world since the day we drafted him.

The Miami Dolphins are tweeting currently, showing the team warming up, and there you’ll see below, the future hall of fame, 8 time Super Bowl champion and 15 time pro bowl, rookie of the year, all time Dolphin great, Tua Tagovailoa.

There he is boys and girls. There he is.

Now is a good time for a little disclaimer. What you’re about to witness in the years to come on this website, is the most bias, lopsided super fan mentality towards Tua that you’ll ever witness towards an athlete. I have earned that right. My loyalty to Tua never frayed, and now he is our king. I am fully jumping on board the hype train, and shovelling coal at a superhuman rate to encourage it. It might get weird at times, but that’s okay.

This is a moment in history that must be documented, and i’ll be glued to twitter all day waiting to get my fix of whatever they will give me. It’s real, he’s here, it’s happening, and I am aroused. SHOW ME THOSE DOTS BABY. The Miami Dolphins future is bright.

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