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Jamal Adams gets his wish. Seahawks Super Bowl?

Nothing has been more obvious in recent weeks and months than the fact that Jamal Adams wants to get away from the Jets. I think that’s safe to say. The relationship there has clearly turned sour and Adams, a big fish in a small pond in the New York green, said fuck that noise i’m out.

Jamal Adams was finally traded this week to the Seattle Seahawks, in exchange for a first and third round pick in 2021, Bradley McDougald, and a first round pick in 2022. Let me first say this, the Jets should be very happy with the payoff. Adams is without a doubt a superstar, but one who is about to become very expensive, and landing two first rounders, McDougald and a third rounder, they’ve done well. The Seahawks won’t care they hate picking in the first round anyway.

The fall out stemmed from contract negotiations or a lack thereof, and Adams was very public about his opinions on the matter. Back in June Adams said on Instagram “Ima protect myself just like an organization will look out for themselves at the end of the day. & if you guys don’t respect that, cool. It’s all luv. Maybe it’s time to move on!”

And move on he did. No longer will he be crippled under the incompetent hand of Adam Gase, and the very average New York Jets team, that frankly needs to accept that it’s tanking and rebuild. The Jets are now, in my most humble but very accurate opinion, the most lacking team in the AFC East. They spent badly in free agency last year, trying to create some kind of win now culture with the additions of CJ Mosley and Leveon Bell on large free agency deals. Neither of which worked out. Mosley missed a lot of game time due to a groin injury, and Bell was not the 26 we’ve all got used to seeing. But again, we can blame that on Gase.

Bell took to twitter after the Adams trade, calling Jamal out for misleading him into coming to New York, only to leave. Bell tweeted: ‘ppl do all the hootin & hollerin to get you brought in, just to leave…lol like people weird yooo, the internet got these dudes doin whatever for attention, even when they tell you sh*t they don’t believe themselves’

The two had a little handbag session that followed, when Jamal replied, ‘Noted. See u Week 14!’. Which is most definitely smack talk. Clear as day smack talk. Bell came back but hey this isn’t a he said she said you can go read the rest of it on twitter here ya go: https://twitter.com/leveonbell

Looks pretty good… ImageCredit: Jamal Adams twitter account.

A new home in Seattle

So Jamal Adams moves from East to West about as far across the country as you can go and lands in Seattle with legendary Pete Carroll and HOFer Russell Wilson. The Seahawks secondary has not quite been what it was a few years ago in the legion of boom days, and they’ve missed the likes of Earl Thomas, Bam Bam Kam & Richard Sherman. That being said, the Seahawks are building a team to win now, and that’s very clear.

The Seahawks lost in the divisional round to the Packers in 2019, following an 11-5 haul in the regular season. But i’d certainly back this team to have every chance of making it to the big game this year.

DK Metcalf had an insane rookie campaign, and is an absolute freak of an athlete. If he carries on at the rate he’s developing, there’s major concern for DBs across the league. White flags will be waved.

The secondary is starting to look like one of the better secondaries in the league again, with Shaquill Griffin beginning to look like a pro bowl corner & Tre Flowers developing, since being drafted in the 5th round in 2018. The ‘Hawks added Quinton Dunbar (Go Gators) in free agency, following his best NFL season last year for the Washington football team (lol creativity).

Then you add Jamal Adams, arguably and most likely the best safety currently in the game, and you’ve got yourself a defence. And we won’t even talk about the potential chance that the Seahawks also resign Clowney. Jheez. I watched Adams literally rip the ball from the hands of Daniel Jones and walk it for a touchdown, after blitzing and bullying Saquon Barkley into submission, by no means an easy feat in itself. The man is different kinds of sauce, and deserves all the credit he seeks. The Jets allowed the relationship to crumble, and now their team is even more ass, while being led by the ill equipped Gase.

Adams let rip on Gase in an interview with the NY Daily News, “I don’t feel like he’s the right leader for this organization to reach the Promised Land,” Adams said. “As a leader, what really bothers me is that he doesn’t have a relationship with everybody in the building.”

Yikes. He went on to add that Gase doesn’t address the team in difficult situations at half time, instead delegating the responsibility. None of this is surprising to me, as I watched him set fire to my Dolphins organisation not so long ago. If Gase ever manages to get another head coaching job in the NFL after he inevitably gets fired by the Jets this season, i’ll be astounded.

But for Jamal this trade is beautiful. The Seahawks were one of the 7 teams Adams listed as ideal trade scenarios, so he gets his wish and a breath of fresh air in Seattle. Going from The New York Jets, Adam Gase and Sam Darnold, to the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, isn’t a bad deal.

Good for Adams, the Jets will suck even more, and Gase will likely be fired. Everybody wins.

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