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Baseball’s in COVID trouble, and we’re only 4 days in.

COVID took literally all of our sports away earlier this year, and we as sports fans have had to patiently twiddle our thumbs and wait for COVID to give them back. But now, COVID trouble strikes again.

Baseball was hanging in the balance not so long ago while commish Rob Manfred seesawed on whether we would or wouldn’t have a season in 2020. He played with the hearts of fans when he concluded that they were running out of time to get the deal done.

Eventually things were settled and players, owners and the league came to an agreement to make the season work. However, the Miami Marlins might have derailed the entire operation.

No other sport has had this issue yet, with the NBA leading the way, testing everyone in the bubble and results returning with 0 positive cases. Of course, it’s easier with smaller teams, and if you keep everyone in the same place, so you can ensure they’re following protocols etc.

So who’s the guy on the Marlins who went out chasing tail or golfing with his buddies and brought COVID into the camp? Because that guy isn’t going to be popular. There have been positive tests, like that of Juan Soto of the Nationals on opening night, who tested positive on game day and was forced to sit out.

The Marlins have reported that they’ve had at least 14 positive tests. Which is a fair few. The issue is they also played the Phillies yesterday, and the Phillies were due to host the Yankees today. The Orioles won’t travel to play the Marlins tonight, after news of the outbreak broke.

Keep your distance Marlins.

So now what do you do with the Phillies, and if has spread, those two teams will have to quarantine, and with baseball, when you’re playing every single day, and on a tight schedule to get the playoffs going in time, you can’t afford to lose 14 games. So do the Marlins forfeit? And do the Phillies forfeit? If so, both teams are screwed. 14 ish losses on a 60 game season is a nightmare.

The Yankees game with the Phillies has also been postponed. The Phillies might not have any cases, but they’ve been in contact with the Marlins, and you gotta quarantine.

Madness, sports are under seige, and COVID is the enemy. We’ll see what decision the MLB comes to on this, more to follow i’m sure. I hope she was worth it Marlins guy.

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