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Training Camps Resume This Week!

So the NFL and the NFLPA have finally come to agreement on COVID protocols, meaning training camps can begin to resume.

Now it’s all political and the NFL has made a meal out of giving it’s players the safety and reassurance that they want. They’ve finally agreed to daily testing. Coronavirus testing will begin at the start of training camps and last for two weeks. The plan is that if testing is below 5% after two weeks, that the testing will reduce to every other day.

Players are happy with the outcome, which means happy to return to facilities, which means we can start to get some new footage from camps. Football is back…

Tua Time…

I’ve had to pinch myself once a day at a minimum to convince myself that we did actually draft Tua and that wasn’t an erotic dream that I had, so to finally see him put his cleats on and trot out into the Miami sunshine in Aqua… I might need a minute to myself. Ready and eager to start celebrating my new king. You best believe he throws a simple 3 yard pass and i’m going to be blowing that shit up all over the internet. The only man on earth that could ever make such a throw.

Of course, every team will have rookies start to work out and take reps in camp, so it’ll be great to see all of the new talents take to the field.

So many trades, free agency signings and rookies that will be heading to new teams facilities, in deals and signings that seem like forever ago. Brady in Tampa, Gurley in Atlanta, Cam in New England etc. Plenty for us intense football fans to sink our teeth into. I can stop scratching at the walls now.

Cam’s got new team mates to throw to…

Teams will start to have players coming into their facilities later this week, so we’ll have all sorts of new content to dissect. Players have to test for coronavirus twice before they can enter their teams facility, and tests must be 72 hours apart. Then they’re good to go.

There are still things to iron out, preseason games will be scrapped completely, and then rules need arranging around players who test positive at any point etc. A lot to work out, but the wheels are in motion and agreements between league and players being made, which is a very good sign.

The NBA announced this week that testing from the bubble came back 100% negative. Zero positive tests from 346 players tested. Hats off to the NBA for that. Let’s hope the NFL can keep things under control too. The NBA returns July 30th, with the Pelicans against the Jazz.

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