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Devante Parkers’ UncleVante

Devante Parker is a huge Spongebob fan. I feel like all Dolphins fans know this right? I’ve seen interviews with Dolphins daily etc with him expressing his love for cartoons plenty of times.

So during the lockdown and all these COVID shenanigans, it appears Devante Parker has been busy working on something behind the scenes. UncleVante is a cartoon series between Parker and his ‘nephew’ Peewee.

GMFB did an interview with Devante who stated he’s always wanted to put a cartoon together since high school. Obviously, now being a pro athlete, he’s got the tools and the cash to do so, and thus Uncle Vante was born!

You can check episode 1 out on ‘Vante’s Instagram and twitter right now, as he debuts his new cartoon series. Here’s the link! https://www.instagram.com/devanteparker1/

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