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Coolest Warzone Loadout

Honestly think I’ve found the coolest Warzone Loadout yet. I’ve always ummm and arrrrred at buying a weapon pack off the cod store but never taken the plunge. But then I saw this and couldn’t help my little Italian sausages from spending all my saved up cod points.

Credit CODMWSTORE for the image.

This is called the “SERE Kit: Plunder Player” Store Bundle costing 1200 cod points. It’s not often that Call of Duty blesses us with two good guns in their bundle packs. Just look at that “Alabaster” (Grau 5.56 Blueprint) and the “White Light” ( Ax-50 Blueprint). That pure white is so clean and so tasty. I’m all about that uniformed look so having the same skin for the two weapons I usually run and gun with therefore feeds my OCD wonderfully.

Lets take a look at them both up close. Here’s the Grau in all its glory. How can you ever lose a 1 on 1 assault rifle with this sexy looking beast? Trust me you can 😭 but that’s not the point!

You must have heard of the saying, “look for the white light at the end of the tunnel”? Well I’ve found it boys and girls. I’m just sat here imagining what the people think that i’ve #pingypotatoes when they see the killcam and notice this fresh skin on my AX-50. Can guarantee I’m boosting sales on this bundle as the days go by.

Here at Undrafted the whole gaming squad is running around with this Sere Kit Plunder Bundle. Jump on the bandwagon people as this is definitely the coolest Warzone Loadout I’ve seen yet. Give your squad that we’ll needed fashion overhaul, before its too late.

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