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‘Redskins’ dropped. A shame for the culture?

Fuck it who doesn’t love a meaty can of worms. Let’s talk about the Washington Redskins.

So it’s the end of an era in Washington, and the football team will officially be rebranded. What it’s changing to, we don’t know yet. But what we do know is that the Redskins will be no more…

Is the Washington team being racist though?

But is it really racist? The term red-skinned is used to describe the skin tone of the indigenous people of native America. In the world we live in today, you can’t use skin tone to describe a people, because it’s seen as offensive, rather than simply a description, such a blonde hair, or big boned. The world wants us all to see everybody as the same, when we’re absolutely not. We all have our own history, ancestry, and a whole make up that makes us who we are. We should be proud to belong to that history and celebrate each others backgrounds, tell stories of our people. But it seems that isn’t allowed these days.

The logo and the identity of the Washington Redskins has not ever been one of mockery, and it’s not used or intended in a racist way. I would be incredibly surprised if an entire sports franchise named themselves the Washington Redskins in an elaborate way of displaying racism towards a certain culture.

In my eyes, they aren’t using it racially. In fact, completely the opposite. The most frustrating thing in the world these days is that we’re trying so hard to cancel everything, that we don’t actually look at things properly. To me, I see it as more of a positive. Shining a light on an entire history, so kids can ask the question, ‘Dad, where did the name Redskins come from?’, to which his or her father could respond and tell the whole story of the Native Americans and the warriors of their past. I wonder how many people have learned about the history, through the Washington Redskins. They don’t mock their own name, they celebrate it. If the Redskins win a Super Bowl, the name is proudly banded around the world.

The logo is not a gimmick, it doesn’t mock the people it represents, it’s a proud standing warrior. A warrior that those who decided on the name, thought best represented it’s football team.

I read an article where somebody stated that wearing face paint and feathers is a mockery and these people don’t understand the meaning behind those things. So EDUCATE people?! Can we not celebrate history and culture anymore? Should I be offended by people going to war museums and trying on a helmet from world war 2 because so many people gave their lives in that time? Or should I instead be encouraged that generations years and years later still know and show interest in that time in history, which will NEVER be forgotten because of such museums. We don’t want the memory of those people to fade.

So instead of, ‘don’t use face paint and feathers or a mascot to represent our people…’ can we not educate around the stadium, and tell the stories of the people the team represents? They might already do this I don’t know I haven’t been there but I just really don’t understand this whole mood of being offended by the celebration of your culture.

Why can’t we be proud to have our culture branded and celebrated by a sports team? I don’t understand. If it’s the term Redskin thats offensive, okay let’s change it, but keep it focused on an education towards native American history?

So what about the fans?

What’s going to happen to all the millions and millions of dollars worth of merchandise fans currently own? Will they still be allowed to wear it to games? Or are we destroying any existence of the Redskin name? There’s complications to come with this and I guess we’ll watch it unfold.

Do fans now have to buy whole new sets of merch? Because maybe we need to dig a little deeper into that. Are the owners going to be sending all of the proceeds that they make by selling an influx of new merch with a new identity to charities? Or will they be pocketing the profits? There’s more to this than meets the eye i’m sure of that.

Smart move FedEx, i’m sure it’s 100% because of your path to being better human beings, and nothing at all to do with completely rebuilding the club shops merchandise.

I think it’s a shame. I think you’re losing the opportunity to celebrate a certain people by branding them proudly, sharing their stories, educating your children on who they were and why their brand was chosen to represent Washington.

Look at the Atlanta Braves, handled it perfectly. The Braves shut cancel culture up with a smooth sentence… ‘The Atlanta Braves honors, respects and values the Native American community’ and going on to say… ‘Through our conversations, changing the name of the Braves is not under consideration or deemed necessary. We have great respect and reverence for our name and the Native American communities that have held meaningful relationships with us do as well. We will always be the Atlanta Braves.’

You can find that full article here: https://www.espn.co.uk/mlb/story/_/id/29452330/braves-not-changing-name-looking-chop

So the Braves are using their name and their brand for good. Working with Native American communities. Building relationships. EDUCATING.

I think Braves is probably better because it’s not an indication on skin colour, so if the change is coming do something like that? Why steer away from the Native American approach completely?

Image credit: Washington.Org

Cancel Culture… the greatest. (Sigh)

The world is getting softer and softer by the day, and we continue to pander to cancel culture. Trying to find problems in any and everything anybody does. Yes we must absolutely fight racism, and the oppression of black people. But does Susan from New York need to harp on at a comedian because he told a joke at a show she didn’t go to? No. Susan needs to find something better to do with her time. If you don’t like jokes, don’t go to comedy shows. If you don’t go to comedy shows, and then complain about the jokes at a comedy show THAT YOU DIDN’T GO TO, then what are you doing with your life?

I think it’s disappointing, I think the Redskins could have easily used the brand for good, and to show love and appreciation to the Native American community, and I believe that some of that history will be lost by destroying the name and removing it from people’s focus.

Not to mention that numerous polls continuously show that the majority of native Americans are not offended by the name. I’ve also read a great tweet from a Native American saying ‘We don’t need the BLM movement or ‘woke white people’ to start a race war for us.’ Excellent.

If a name change has been deemed necessary because it involved the skin colour, then fine, but I think the celebration of the people it represents should stand, and still be an indication towards Native American culture.

Still, the Washington Redskins are to change their name, and I hope everybody is excited for the brand new Washington Non Binary Non Gender Lampposts. BULBS UP!!!!

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