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‘Hey Rookie’ is back for another year!

One of my favourite series is back, and you can find it on Youtube right now. I sat and rewatched all the previous years version’s of Hey Rookie in the build up to the draft, a Youtube series following a small set of rookies through their build up to the draft, and their draft experience.

You get a real inside perspective from these documentaries. Things like the way they prepare, their dedication, and personal excitement and anticipation leading up to draft day, which, as we all know, is my absolute favourite time of year.

Previous years have featured the likes of Jamal Adams, James Conner, Juju Smith-Schuster and Mitch Trubisky, with each years episode usually focusing on 4 to 5 rookies.

Juju featured on the show previously, with an emotional draft day reaction – Image credit: Bleacher Report

This year on Hey Rookie we’ve got Derrick Brown, the defensive tackle from Auburn (who absolutely balled against my Gators last year), so we know him well… (Still won though Go Gators amirite?). Then you got Jerry Jeudy the baller from Bama, KJ Hamler the speedy receiver from Penn State, and Andrew Thomas on the offensive line. So the episode features some of the top talent from the draft, and is a really nice inside scoop on the work these guys put in to prepare for the biggest days of their lives.

KJ Hamler getting his car delivered was a particular highlight.

Plus, this years version of Hey Rookie will be completely different because of the COVID pandemic. Of course, we already know this impacted the NFL and the draft in a major way. Most importantly, this had a major impact on the experience for the rookies, something I eluded to back in an earlier podcast. These guys work their whole lives for this moment and to have the event in Vegas cancelled etc would be somewhat heartbreaking. So it’s very interesting to see the players adapt to their new situations.

And if it’s anything like previous years, get your tissues ready because when these boys get drafted the emotion unleashed is crazy. If you haven’t seen DK Metcalf’s episode you’re going to have to watch that one holy shit it messed me up.

Anyways, enjoy the newest episode of Hey Rookie here! Here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sm0l7YdFxis&t=1414s

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