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Cam Newton signs with the Patriots!

Well god damn i was about to go to bed but here I am laptop out. I’m half asleep and all of a sudden Ian Rapoport just breaks the news that Cam Newton signs with the New England Patriots on a 1 year deal worth up to around 7.5 milly, out of NOWHERE. The deal i’m guessing will involve playing time and playoff game time incentives etc, similar to that which Andy Dalton signed with the Cowboys earlier in the off season.

Cam finds himself a home! Image Credit NJ.com

I like the move for the Patriots, as much as it pains me to say, they got better with this. Stidham is completely unknown, and that’s the question mark we’ve all been discussing as to whether the Patriots can be good this year or not with Stidham running the show. Nobody really knows what the Pats are without Brady, there’s not many people left alive who remember the Patriots before Brady, so nobody knows what to expect. Adding Cam to the locker room gives you NFL experience, work ethic and motivation and will help Stidham grow even further.

My initial thoughts are there’s a very good chance that Cam could win the starting job in New England, and win it in a hurry. There’s so many questions around Jarrett Stidham who was pipped as a top talent during his first year at Auburn, but didn’t quite hit the highs the media anticipated, before being selected by the Patriots with the 133rd pick in 2019. Having had just one season in the NFL, okay behind the greatest QB of all time, he’s only completed 2 NFL passes. Yes two, that’s only two more than me.

Maybe Stidham needs some more time to sit? Image Credit Billie Weiss/Getty Images)

So based on that, I think it’s definitely more than possible and i’d stretch as far as saying it’s likely, that we see Cam play for the Patriots a fair amount this season. Stidham doesn’t need to be rushed in and forced to play, which could cause him to become flustered, throw picks, have a disastrous day at the office and never recover from it, why force that situation on the young man? Can Cam start week 1? How much time will he have with his team mates?

Cam’s been training with Odell i’ve see it all over Odell’s instagram, and i’ll say now if Odell now signs with the Patriots i’m going to cry, cry and cry again. Please don’t force me to hate my man Odell.

Interesting topic nevertheless, and the Patriots definitely improved by making this move, which is not great news for Dolphins fans like myself, especially when i’ve been singing Cam’s praises the entire off season and proclaiming that I believe he’s still got what it takes to be a great NFL QB. So even if it is for the Patriots, I’m glad Cam has been given a chance, and somewhere he can genuinely win the job and start to play again, because he’s most definitely capable of it.

What a change of scenery though for Patriots fans, Cam is almost the polar opposite type of Quarterback in comparison with Tom Brady, who would take off to run downfield and you’d have to check your TV wasn’t broken as everything began to move in slow motion. So to follow that with potentially superman Cam running the show, could see a very different style of play from the next Pats QB.

I did a piece on his story and his Youtube channel earlier in the year, having watched him explain why he tried pushing himself too far, and the fallout with the Panthers etc, take a look at his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyKV3Zl7AKVj7ikyOlcfZTQ

So there you have it, Cam Newton signs with the Patriots. Thoughts? let me know!

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