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Last Chance U is back!

HOLD EVERYTHING I’VE JUST SEEN THE NEWS! The Netflix phenomenon football series Last Chance U is back, on the 28th July. That’s barely a month away chums!

The newest series which i believe is the last series is set at Laney College in Oakland California. Now while I am thrilled to be seeing the exact release date, i am also learning that the series has been released in July every year, so this shouldn’t really come as a surprise. It’s more that I forgot about it okay!

I can’t believe this is the 5th rendition of the series, and have absolutely loved following it each and every year, so await its newest release with serious anticipation and maybe a hint of a semi. What?

Now obviously it won’t feature the wild character that is Coach Brown, who you just can’t help but love, unless you get the wrong side of him I guess. That cigar smoking borderline crazy son of a gun.

Now while this is the last series based on football, the next series has been confirmed to instead follow a basketball program, which should be just as interesting and will likely have a real life Coach Carter vibe to it, which is something i’ve always found such a keen interest in.

Watching these kids try and turn their lives around and find joy in sports despite the troubles of their daily lives makes for a seriously enjoyable show, whilst also getting extremely frustrated with those who are so talented but just don’t seem to GET IT. Very annoying, cough cough Ronald Ollie, cough.

These colleges that feature on Last Chance U are doing their best to set the students up for life after football, as many of them won’t make it to the NFL, despite their admirable ambition. So finding an education, and something to pursue post football career, is very important. On the flipside, seeing a success story like Dakota Allen, who was drafted by the Rams after featuring in the series is awesome.

Like a proud father watching this man! Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

I’m psyched as shit for the new series, can’t wait to binge the entire thing in an afternoon.

Let’s get it!

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