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PGA Contest goes ahead at TPC Harding

Some golf news! The announcement came today from the city of San Francisco and the PGA, that the four day tournament scheduled for August 6th will go ahead, without any fans. The Championship event will take place at the 72 par TPC Harding Park course.

Golf has to be the sport least affected by fans right? It’s the only sport where literally everybody has to be silent whenever anything is happening. For the fans, of course it’s disappointing that you cant stand tee side and watch the pro’s belt golf balls down the fairways, but at least the event will go ahead, and you can follow it all on Sky Sports. Might have to tune in to see the pro’s take on the TPC Harding.

A while back we sat and watched the Brady, Manning, Mickelson and Tiger event, with all four being mic’d up. And that was honestly really interesting to hear them talk through their shots, the thought process, and damn Phil sure had plenty to say. Obviously knows his golf, who would have thought? It would be real sweet if they could do a similar thing for pro events. It was like a real insider view into the game and I think having that gives the fans at home that extra level of engagement while the event goes on behind closed doors.

What are your thoughts? As a fan of the sport is this something you’d like to see?

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