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Nick Chubb named the Best Running Back in the NFL

So Nick Chubb named Best Running Back in the NFL

“Hang on, hang on!” I hear you cry. “WhAT AboUt McCafFEry, SaQUoN bARKleY Or DerRicK HEnrY??!!”

Well friends, now more than ever is the time for education and educate we shall.

Per Sam Monson and our pals over at Pro Football Focus (PFF), Nick Chubb has been named the best running back in the NFL. With a 92.1 rushing grade since entering the league, Chubb has managed to grind out some pretty good numbers behind what’s been, at best, a sub-par Offensive line and also in his first year having to sit behind Duke Johnson. In this same season he bested Barkley in nearly every category other than total rushing yards (Barkley topped 1300) and finished the year with a PFF grade of 87.4 to Barkley’s 85.2. Last year was an improvement on this and Chubb finished the season 2nd in the league with 1494 yards. 165 of those yards came in the WK4 40-25 win against the Ravens and he also boasted a PFF player grade of 88.7.

So what’s next for Chubb?

With an improved offensive line and a run first offence, expect Chubb to pump out some crazy numbers. He has the opportunity under Stefanski to be able to be even more successful, much like Dalvin Cook did last year at the Vikings. Another point that may really push Chubb this season, is the presence of Kareem Hunt. What pushes you more than another elite Running Back vying for you position? This worked well for the Saints when Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram were the 1,2 punch in the 2018 season, when they made history by both surpassing 1500 scrimmage yds.

You can’t help but like Nick Chubb, and his humble and quiet demeanour actually speaks volumes about the kind of person that he is. Let’s hope this continues to translate to games. Unless you are a Ravens, Steelers or Bengals fan……..

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