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Undrafted – Gone Gaming Announcement!

Undrafted – Gone Gaming, see what we did there? it’s like Gone Fishing but not that it’s gaming. Very clever. Content at it’s finest. Anyway what is it? Well long and short it’s a gaming channel and just another part of what we’re doing here at Undrafted.

Are we propelling ourselves into the world of trying to be full time Youtubers? No. Not about that noise. Not yet anyway. Maybe when I’ve completed life and own a cruise line with a mansion on Miami beach.

BUT, we are going to be playing some games which is what we do with our spare time anyway, and uploading content to the new gaming channel. Another string to our bow at Undrafted. Entertainment in the form of raw gaming, a few series, some virtual tournaments for you to follow when our real sports are absent. Fifa, Madden, NBA 2K, MLB The Show, and of course, some elite Call of Duty content all coming as a package gift from us, to you.

With the Playstation 5 around the corner and an itch yet to be itched to game and share that experience with the world of Youtube, we thought there was no better time.

Here’s the link to the channel!


Head over, drop a sub to the channel, and the content will start flying. We’ve been busy ordering monitors and game captures and all sorts of tech I have no idea how to use. Should be an exciting time! (panic)

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