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The Future of Cam Newton

March 24th 2020. The day the Carolina Panthers released Cam Newton.

84 days on and still no team in the NFL has picked Cam up. Of course, there are multiple reasons why teams haven’t wanted to take a chance on Cam just quite yet. Firstly, Cam’s returning from foot surgery which took place in December, teams tend not to sign veteran players, especially QB’s, unless absolutely essential before the draft and probably the biggest reason of all is that it looks, for the most part, that teams have got their #1 QB’s in place – largely down to the haul of Elite prospects from the draft.

Now, whether you like Cam or not, there is one thing that he is not and that is a backup. The Heisman trophy winning, 2015 League MVP is an incredible athlete. His 6’5, 240lbs frame makes even some of the bigger Linebackers look small. Carolina lent on Cam for many years until they decided that he had taken enough punishment and drafted Christian McCaffery, meaning Cam was able to step back from a lot of heavy running in Ron Rivera’s scheme. So on this basis – Where does Cam go?

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Based on Cam’s skill set there are a number of team that could benefit from what he brings.

  1. Tennessee Titans – Just imagine a world where Derrick Henry and Cam Newton are your running options. A team already set up for success, coming off a playoff run, and looking to make that final push to get to the Superbowl. Although he didn’t win – Cam’s been there and done that. Sorry Tannehill fans #sorrynotsorry
  2. Washington Redskins – Reunited with his former Head Coach, could Cam be the piece that the Redskins are missing? It really depends how you feel about Dwayne Haskins. Let’s be honest if Case Keenum had managed to stay fit last season Haskins wouldn’t have seen the field. When he did he threw as many INT’s as TD’s (7/7) and left the fans scratching their heads as to why Washington had drafted him #15 overall.
  3. New England Patriots – Right where do I even start? In fact I’m not even going to… Despite the bookies having the best odds on Cam landing in Belichick land (4/1), I think this is more of a Pats fans pipe dream. Whilst ole Bill is sat in his home office plotting how to win the Superbowl for the 7th time, the fans want to know who’s in at QB1, now Brady is living it up in Florida. If we have learned anything about the Patriot way it’s that we won’t know this information until Billy boy wants us to know it. Simples. Anyway, all in all great spot for Cam if it did happen.

Where do you think Cam will land? Head over to our Insta and drop us a DM on what you think.

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