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Switching from a huge TV to a 4K monitor?

I’ll be interested to hear opinions on this. My whole gaming life has been all about getting a bigger and bigger TV whenever I was able to do so. I started on a 19 inch TV, yes a TV not a monitor back in the Modern Warfare 2 days when you’d get home from school and play until your eyes bleed. And since then I’ve adjusted to a bigger TV several times.

For the last couple of years i’ve been gaming on a 50 inch (I think, might be 49) Samsung curve TV that i purchased after a very fortunate night at the casino (29 on the roulette wheel, thank me later). So off I went and lumped it all into a massive TV.

However! This week, because of the changes afoot and the Playstation 5 around the corner, I’ve decided to switch to a 4K monitor, which should be here any day now. I’ve always heard these rumours about monitors being faster and TVs giving you a disadvantage, but have never experienced it myself. So what’s it really all about??

The one i’ve purchased is a 28″ 4K HDR monitor from BenQ. With 1ms response time, which honestly is the only piece of the specification that I understand. I’m keen to get it set up though, because i feel like i’m about to find out that i’m an absolute god at all the games i’m so average at, and the big TV has been holding me back this whole time. It’s a totally plausable theory.

Keen to know though, what do you game on? And why? Pros and cons to both sides of the coin right? Who knows, but we’re giving it a go. Playstation 5 in 4K UHD sounds good though!

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