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Outrageous Superbowl LV predictions….. pitch forks at the ready!

OK, so, we are 33 and a smidge weeks away from Super Bowl LV at Raymond James Stadium Tampa, Florida. AND BOY ARE WE EXCITED?!?!!!

As a team here at Undrafted, we have discussed who we think will be suiting up and dazzling fans in Tampa next Feb.

Now, first and foremost between the 3 of us, we have a good amount of knowledge about how the NFL works and have realistic ideas of who will actually make the Super Bowl. BUT THAT’S NOT FUN TO READ!!

Therefore please take these predictions as you find them, knowing they are based ENTIRELY on biases, optimism and sheer not giving a fuckery about anything other than what we’d love to see.

Rex – Miami Dolphins / Seattle Seahawks – “Tua obviously takes the Dolphins direct to the Superbowl without hesitation. For the NFC I feel Russ deserves another shot but he will need to prize it from division rivals San Fran 49ers or Drew Brees and the Saints.”

Anty – Tennessee Titans / San Francisco 49ers – “Titans Up Baby!! This team just works and hopefully they can sort the problems when the run game is shut down. Unstoppable on Offence, Defence is one of the best in the league Derrick Henry MVP. 49ers are a young team and would have learned a lot from last years disappointment.”

Adz – Cleveland Browns / Tampa Bay Buccaneers – “The stars seem perfectly aligned for the Browns and their stacked offence. Joe Burrow will be left in the dust of the AFC as Baker steers the Browns ship all the way to Florida. They also seem to have aligned for TOMpa. Brady in his 7th Super Bowl at his home stadium, in fresh new threads with Gronk back by his side seems too good to miss out on.”

Hit us up on Insta and share your outrageous predictions with us!

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