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Madden 21 First Look – Tomorrow

EA have announced today that the first look at Madden 21 will drop tomorrow at 10AM ET, for all us British folks that’s 3pm.

Lamar will be featuring on this years cover which is both good for him and also a horrendous concern for all of us all at the same time. Why?

Because Madden 20 was a shit show. For these reasons. It was impossible to play against mobile QBs rolling out to the right and throwing a back foot cross body 80 yard nuke to a wide open receiver against any coverage. The problem with Lamar being on the cover, is EA giving his tush a little kiss and making him even more over powered than he was this year.

Who knows what kind of game EA are going to produce this year for Madden 21, but all I know is as long as the kids keep buying packs and fishing for gold in a ‘house always wins’ system, then EA will continue to lazily put their game together.

Regulated by nobody, ripping off kids for years and years, with zero implications, means you can make a shitty game and still collect millions of dollars. Ultimate team has gone stale, the content on Madden 20 completely died with the NFL draft, they were lazier this year than ever, and i’ll be damned if I fall into this hideous trap ever again. Please no. Not this year. Leave me in peace.

Will I be buying the game? Yes. Because I will be taking Tua to glory at the wheel of my new look Dolphins franchise. But i’m hoping and praying I can avoid the money pit that is ultimate team this year.

Let’s see what the trailer displays tomorrow! Sigh.

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