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Top 10 Quarterbacks this Season

As the start of the NFL season finally looks in-sight (88 days to go), we take a look at who we think will be the Top 10 Quarterbacks this season.

1. Patrick Mahomes

It should be no surprise to anyone that Mahomes falls into the top spot. The current Superbowl MVP and Superbowl Champ has done it all. 2x Pro Bowler, NFL OPY (2018), NFL Passing TD’s Leader (2018) and all within his first 3 years. It’s difficult to see any regression from this guy especially running an offence that is stacked with talent across the board.

2. Russell Wilson

Sometimes there are no words to describe Wilson. His leadership abilities, that are only outweighed slightly by his athletic abilities, tell us all we need to know about what type of dude he is. He has weapons across the board in Metcalfe, Lockett, Penny, and Carson and the addition of Greg Olson for 2020 to this group, means that Wilson has a reliable short game target now, something he hasn’t had since the departure of Jimmy Graham. This will be a game changer for Russell and the Seahawks.

3. Baker Mayfield

With an offence built for a king, Baker really has no excuses this year. The scene is set perfectly for a Browns resurgence with Baker at the helm. After a poor showing last year Baker knows he needs to prove to the fans and the league that he is an elite talent. Too many factors to consider for last years slump in numbers but be sure in the new Stefanski scheme, that saw Kirk Cousins take the Vikings to the playoffs, Baker will flourish.

4. Lamar Jackson

The reigning MVP is definitely one of the most electrifying players to grace the football field. He is lightening quick and puts defenders on skates just for fun. I know at this point you are questioning why Lamar isn’t at #1 or even #2 but the fact still remains that the majority of his game is based on the run. We know Lamar can throw the ball really well (led the league in Passing TD’s 2019) and that he has the weapons around him to do it but my fear is he’s one tackle away from being RGIII’s backup for the season. Let’s hope the Ravens look to factor this, this year.

5. Kyler Murray

OK, so Kyler may seem a bit high. However, I have 2 words for you – Deandre Hopkins. In a mind blowing trade that saw the Houston Texans send arguably the best receiver in the league to the Cardinals, that Offence got HUUGGEE upgrade. Coupled with Kyler’s pocket movement and insane ability to throw off platform, be sure to watch this match made in heaven, send the Cardinals soaring (bird pun) through the league.

6. Deshaun Watson

I love Watson – so why is he so low? Again 2 words – Deandre Hopkins. Lunacy to trade your #1 WR for an injury prone RB, the Texans have taken away Watson’s favourite target. However in the absence of a clear #1, the rest of the pack, Stills, Cooks and Cobb, have the opportunity to step up. Like Kyler, Deshaun’s ability to run/pass/calve up defences is nothing short of spectacular and in a conference with Tannehill, Rivers and Minshew he’s definitely the stand out QB.

7. Matt Ryan

It looks as if Ryan and the Falcons have finally recovered from the Superbowl travesty (I don’t want to talk about it). Towards the back end of last season they posted some impressive numbers, including winning games against Superbowl attendees S.F 49ers and the Saints. Ryan has the luxury of throwing to Elite talent Julio Jones and also to upcoming talent in Calvin Ridley and now Hayden Hurst. We thought the departure of Austin Hooper to Cleveland would hinder Ryan but it looks as though Hurst has fitted nicely into that spot. With the support from Gurley now at Running Back look for Ryan to take the Falcons back to the Playoffs.

8. Drew Brees

Saints fans are screaming at this right now and I don’t blame you. How can you put the all time passing leader in NFL history, Superbowl MVP, Superbowl Champion, 13x Pro Bowl attendee, future H.O.Famer in 8th?!?! The answer is simple. The game is changing. The NFL is changing and the Brady, Brees era is coming to an end. Brees is a phenomenal QB and what he’s achieved is incredible and I still think he will lead the Saints to success next year. But, with Winston now hot on his heels how will Drew’s career end?

9. Tom Brady

Let me start by saying Brady is the G.O.A.T. There is no denying that. This upcoming season Brady has the opportunity to further solidify that with the Bucs. In an already stacked division, Brady has an incredible unit around him and ontop of that has a 100% healthy Gronk which is something we haven’t seen for a while. I feel like this is Brady’s swan song, as with Peyton when he went to Denver, and he has himself in a position to win now. Expect Brady and the Bucs to make moves in the NFC but it’s not long term.

10. Drew Lock

OK, I’m gonna say it – I’m on the Drew Lock hype. Whilst he only played 5 games at the back end of last season Drew took the Broncos to 4-1 and really showed what he can do. Fast forward to this season and he’s had time to learn more of the Offence plus the addition of Alabama’s Elite prospect Jerry Jeudy, expect Lock to flourish and bring the Broncos galloping (I’ll stop with the animal puns) through the AFC West.

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