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The PS5 Launch – Sexy White Box! Thoughts.

Soooo they dropped the PS5 reveal this week, and my keen ass tuned right in, ready to launch however much money I need to launch at it with immediate effect. And here are a few short thoughts about it:

First of all, it’s absolutely delicious. I’ve seen many a meme mocking the design, wifi routers, a box between paper, and i’m pretty sure I saw it on the popes head once. But regardless of the various meme culture surrounding the new shiny box, i think it’s sexy. At first glance the white/black combo was really winking at me, before I saw it in all black, which just has a real dark mysterious vibe to it, so now I don’t know. A hilarious debate to have with yourself over a box which will ultimately sit under a desk, or in a tv cabinet.

ImageCredit Playstation

The trailers were flying out thick and fast, and honestly I had no idea how much people enjoyed playing games full of mythical creatures. As a gaming nerd who spends his time obsessively trying to wreck people at various sports, or doing my very average best at tearing up Call of Duty games, this was quite the eye opener for me. Trailer after trailer, fire breathing dragons, sword wielding elves, mythical monsters and a hero, or heroine (2020) to waltz in and save the day. Meh. Between the dragons, the creatures and cretins, and the spacemen, there wasn’t a whole bunch left.

Before I get onto the games I’m looking forward to, i think it’s important to spend a moment talking about something that I can personally guarantee had the influence of hard drugs during board meetings. Bugsnax. The trailer showed a funny looking Australian walrus type dog thing in a hat, introducing a walking talking strawberry. The walrus dog then ate the strawberry, and it’s hand turned into the strawberry. That was about it. I’ve ordered 10 copies.

No i wasn’t lying – ImageCredit Playstation

Playstation has still not given up hope with Little Big Planet which is incredibly bizarre as I’ve never met a single person that’s played it and it’s literally never been talked about during my existence. But it returns for the PS5, can I get a ‘Yay’? Sigh.

BUT, all was not lost on the trailer, and despite these dragon based games looking incredibly boring to anybody who isn’t living in their mums basement with cheesy wotsit fingers and some body odour, the visuals are still very impressive. Games look clean and the graphics are looking good. I just don’t know who sat down and pitched the idea of talking fruit and veg eating each other for an actual real life video game concept.

Now for me, Gran Turismo looked amazing, and it might be time to venture back down that road, for the first time since the PS2 era in my life. The game looks beautiful, the cars are perfect and as long as I don’t have to win 470 races in a Citroen C2 before I can get a second car, i’m in.

And then you had the 2K trailer, which told us absolutely nothing, apart from the way sweat drips down Zion Williamson’s face. But it didn’t need to tell us anything, we just needed to know that it exists. 2K has taken a backseat in my life over the past 3 or 4 years as my focus has swayed between Madden and Fifa, each growing increasingly frustrating because of the arrogance and greed of a certain EA Sports. But i feel like it’s time to switch my allegiance and go for gold this year with 2K, so seeing a very short and sweet clip of a sweaty Zion was all I needed.

ImageCredit – Engadget

Overall, I was really impressed, I got hyped to see the creation itself, and will be preordering the moment I’m able to do so, and then standing outside my house ready to charge down Tom (the postman), the second he comes into view on arrival day. Now I just need to choose a colour.

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